How to keep your momentum

Alright, let’s face it, there’s always something that will come in the way along our path to supreme excellence. Perhaps it’s your arch nemesis, a family member or a superior. But if you break it down – could it possibly be YOU?
It’s ok if your jaw is slightly unhinged.
Despite the fact that reaching some of our goals and aspirations is dependent on uncontrollable factors like workplace politics, financials, or fate, we can only steer our course depending on the path ahead.
Whether you’re the degree type, a self-starter with street smarts marching to your own drumbeat, or a hard worker never done until you’re done, we all have one thing in common; we give a shit about what we do and how we do it.
Being a private contractor working on a per service agreement, I don’t just rely on the provider of the opportunity to make my living, I make sure that I support everyone and make them happy – including myself personally and professionally.
It can be tricky to balance our input to output ratio like a computer while staying cool enough to prevent overheating and melting down. I have a tendency to over do what I’m passionate about because it feels so damn satisfactory that it produces pure contentment. However, that doesn’t equate to recovery and maintenance (not always.)
I took a challenge upon myself to take yoga classes from teachers I haven’t been to before, write my experiences about the classes, and share with the community via social media. I made a list of over 60 teachers across a few studios and thought it would be achievable. Well, I overdid it a tad and suffered from a nervous system breakdown consisting of flu-like symptoms, mental, and emotional challenges for a whole week.
This became a short-term block toward the so-called ‘doing’ which forced me to simply ‘be’ – which was once a foreign concept in the past and is still not exactly organic.
Isn’t the whole point of doing what you love is to keep yourself motivated and driven for excellence? So when does it become too much? Where you start missing the signs of your body saying it has had enough, slow down, you can let go now!
It all comes back to what’s important to you as a person and managing your resources of time, energy and even stress…
Remember that to keep the flame strong and continue on the path of supreme excellence, you must listen, breathe, and smile.
Most of all, it’s very important to become aware that you might be doing way more than you need to. Sometimes you just need to ‘be.’

Hiiro Sigal Prince

Hiiro is the creator of The True Identity Project + Project Z: (Yoga | Resources for Adolescent Cancer Patients).
He currently offers public Therapeutic/Classical Restorative, Yin, Hatha and Vinyasa classes in the Lower Mainland through YYoga, Chopra Yoga Centre, and YMCA Robert Lee. Hiiro also is completing his SCHWINN Indoor Cycling training to teach Spin and completing level 1 and 2 of his Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Training with Shivani Wells in May 2015. In August 2015, Hiiro will be a presenter for the 2015 Yogathon.
Outside of his yoga practice and teaching, Hiiro enjoys his spare time pursuing his passion for photography, creative writing and visual/performing arts, enjoying float sessions, spin classes, guzzling cold-pressed green juices, wearing an awesome pair of Fluevog boots and indulging in reality TV and the occasional childhood video game session. He cares deeply for his community and is always wearing a smile on his face and arms wide-open to give the universe a hug.
Connect with Hirro through his Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn


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