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Here at Man Of The Week, we seldom get to highlight and recognize Men in the technology field. Recently we were introduced to Aaron Phillips, who is the CEO of AP1 Inc, and he shared with us his vision of leveraging technology to further engage society in their current physical environment. The uses are endless, from sending out amber alerts to sharing historic information about the part of town you are in, beacon management allows for greater communication between different facets of your environment. As a person, Aaron is kind, positive and dedicated to creating a legacy that leaves the world in a better place but also reminding us that we each have that responsibility to positively impact the world around us. Aaron has faced his share of hardship and today believes that life is full of ups and downs, it is up to each and every one of us to decide what to make of it, and how we want to react to it. Only then can you act with true clarity and intention.

Age – 35 years of age

What do you do? (Work)
I am the founder and CEO of AP1 Inc.
We have become leaders in beacon management infrastructure, specializing in offering proximity-based solutions through our strategic partnerships and beacon-agnostic management platform. Our solutions are designed to enhance the utility of mobile applications to provide mobile engagement in a physical environment.
The platform enables organizations to remotely manage beacons, scale deployments and address numerous levels of security. In addition, the platform offers access to proximity-based capabilities, capturing real-time data on user activity, providing relevant information in location and context aware-engagement that transcends from online to brick and mortar.
The solutions are designed to enhance the utility of existing mobile applications and can be integrated with additional data sets to ensure business intelligence is accurate and comprehensive.
From activation to loyalty, eCommerce to POS, AP1 delivers solutions to optimize branding and enhance the consumer experience.

Why do you do it?
I have a passion for all technology, communication and culture. I believe that beacon and proximity based technology is game changing. Our goal is to reduce complexity and cost, making it more accessible to businesses on a global scale.

How do you make a difference in the world? (Work, business, life, family, self)
One person at a time. Try to stay positive no matter the obstacle and at the end of the day aim to inspire people to fulfill their own individual goals, to make a small difference in the world.

What are 3 defining moments in your life?
– My grade 6 teacher inadvertently helped me realize that I was not going to pursue a traditional educational path. I felt that it would stifle my creativity, cap my passion, and limit my ability to critically think.
– I seriously injured myself while living in Whistler, pursuing a professional sports career, where it was truly a defining moment how fragile life can be, how one should nurture and take care of their body
– Starting this company, having to pivot along the way, and being a serial entrepreneur, entering into start-up land.

What is your life purpose?
To affect change, and leave a legacy for the world to be a better place for all those that exist now, and those who will come after.

How did you tap into it?
I always have had a passion for learning, history, technology, and politics. I have always been driven to get involved in this space.

Who is your Role-Model or Mentor?
Nikola Tesla, big time, for all the ground work he laid for humanity, and Elon Musk for how he is leveraging that foundation.

Do you have any daily habits? If so, what are they?
I try to spend at least 1-2 hours reading – to learn something new every day.

When do you know your work/life balance is off?
That is a tough question. The nature of running a start up and going the entrepreneurial route, at some capacity you give up a lot of your time, your freedom. You understand that what you are working towards, is something much grander than you.

Vulnerability is a challenge for most men – share a vulnerable moment from your life with us.
Becoming a CEO of a new and growing company and having to manage a large group of very intelligent people. Giving up control over aspects of the business and having faith as to what needs to be done and delivered. Having everything on the line for what you believe in.

What did you learn from it?
You got to do it. You can never give up. The nature of growth is to give up control and step outside of your comfort zone, and trust your intuition. Do the best that you can, every day.

If you are or were going to be a mentor for another man, what is one piece of advice you would give him?
You never fail, until you give up. Stay focused on your goals. The light is there, at the end of the tunnel. You are not in control of what happens to you in life, but you are in control of how you think and react.

How do you be the best partner (Boyfriend/Husband- past or present)
Be unconditionally positive, loving, understanding and kind. Good things and bad things happen all the time. Life is a series of challenges, but you should never hold on to the past.

Do you support any Charities or Not-for-profits? (Which one(s) and why?)
There are no major associations I support at the moment. I am a philanthropist at heart and very much look forward to the day to shift my energy on giving back.  When I do, I see myself focusing on conduits that will affect more of a direct change in people’s lives than specifically supporting existing organizations.

If your life had a theme song, what would it be
“Don’t worry, Be happy” by Bobby McFerrin

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?
I would like to see AP1 Inc. mature into a successful global brand, making the impossible, possible.

What legacy do you want to leave for future generations?
I would say that my answer would be similar to number six.

What One book would you recommend for any Man?
As a man Thinketh – James Allen

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