Over the last 15 years, Steven Sisler has consulted on “personality difference” with over one hundred fifty .com companies in over 18 countries including the US Military, UNC’s Cadet Program, Beechnut Nutritional Corp, Signature Brands, Mastermind Talks of Toronto, and Book-in-a-box.com, to name just a few. Steven has spoken over 2,500 times in his career. He has lectured at the EO’s Entrepreneurial Master’s Program at M.I.T. for 6 years (2010-16), and has spoken in Athens Greece, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, and other Australian Cities as well as Canada, Spain, New Zealand, Newfoundland. Steve has shared the stage with world class entrepreneurs such as David Asbrey—founder of Bullet Proof Coffee, Cameron Herald—former COO of 1-800-gotjunk, and Kimbal Musk—board member for Tesla Motors.

With his partner and statistical analyst, Zeke Lopez, they have finalized a multi-year project creating improved behavioral and motivational measurement tools based on the Aristos Personality model, which integrates behavioral and motivational factors into their custom cohesive frameworks.

Behavioral & Motivational Analysis – http://bit.ly/2N3x387

What Moves Us – https://amzn.to/2XYnOHn

The Four People Types – https://amzn.to/2Rt1jYP

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Instagram: @stevensisler

Twitter: @stevesisler

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