Talking points: existentialism, self-loss, therapy, Kierkegaard, culture, responsibility, anxiety

Just before (like, literally just before) six days of solitude in Scotland, I had the immense privilege of chatting with Sara Kuburic, the brilliant existential therapist and new author of It’s On Me: Accept Hard Truths, Discover Yourself, And Change Your Life, coming out tomorrow.

Not sure what existential therapy is? Well we get into here, plus a multitude of other things, like facing what YOU are responsible for, losing the sene of self, and how some of this plays out in modern culture. Do not miss this one, team.

(00:00:00) – Intro and Sara’s defining moment 
(00:06:52) – What Sara was in denial of
(00:10:57) – Why we fall apart when things are going well
(00:18:58) – The importance of looking at the darker stuff
(00:21:11) – Pillars of existential psychology
(00:29:19) – Have we, as a collective, lost our sense of self?
(00:36:01) – What’s Sara’s “existential psychology take”  on American culture?
(00:41:18) – “Our degree of freedom dictates our degree of responsibility”
(00:44:17) – Defining “self-loss” and the role grief plays
(00:54:52) – Can responsibility-free time help define the self?
(01:01:05) – How does one develop a relationship with the body that helps orient the self? 

Sara Kuburic is an existential psychotherapist, consultant, writer, and columnist for USA Today. She was born in Yugoslavia and raised in Canada. She is passionate about helping people seek change and live authentic, free, and meaningful lives. Her interest in psychology stems from her personal experience living through wars, navigating complex relationships, and continually learning what it means to be human.

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