Paul was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and had a  traditional educational experience—went to college, got an Ivy League MBA, then joined the work force with $100k worth of school debt. However, after achieving success in the corporate world (he was one of the first 250 employees of Facebook as VP, West Coast Sales), he finally decided it was time to give in to his true passion. So, he left the high paying tech field behind and dove into the uncharted waters of… stand up comedy.

Today, Paul’s comedy career takes him to clubs and corporate events all over North America, where he has opened for top comics like Dave Attell, Norm Macdonald, and Bill Burr. He just recently headlined Carolines on Broadway and in December, Paul headlined the West Side Comedy Club in New York City and is an official selection of the most recent Laughing Skull, Asheville, Cleveland, and North Carolina Comedy Festivals.

When he isn’t touring comedy clubs, he is the host of his recently launched podcast, Crazy Money, in which he interviews entrepreneurs, celebrities, authors, and artists with a humorous perspective on money, wealth and careers. The show focuses on how we think about and live with money, as a society and as individuals.

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