Talking points: neurology, biology, trauma, mindset

This was one of the most informative episodes I’ve ever recorded. As expected of Mastin Kipp, an old friend and incredible coach. We covered everything nervous system—and how there may be what you might call a “unified theory of trauma”. Wildly grateful for this one! Note: we had some audio trouble for the first bit, but it cleans up after minute 12!

(00:00:00) – Intro, and the fragmentation problem in therapy and coaching
(00:08:47) – Mastin’s take on trauma, and the role of the nervous system
(00:29:44) – Do men relate, store, and deal with trauma differently?
(00:37:11) – Where do you as a man begin working with trauma—and where you don’t
(00:49:13) – What if you’re worried it’ll mess with your productivity/relationship/abilities?
(00:56:11) – How to simply improve your baseline wellbeing

Mastin Kipp, life coach, entrepreneur, author and self-taught expert on the human mind who bridges the gap between therapy, coaching, and personal development. With over two decades of experience, he combines psychological research, neuroscience, evidence-backed concepts and practical tools to guide individuals in unlocking their full potential to live a life with passion and purpose. Through his international personal development company, Functional Life Coaching, Mastin has impacted over two million people in 100+ countries with his writing, online courses, seminars, and retreats.

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