Talking points: hormones, testosterone, environment, fitness

Is there a testosterone crisis? From the headlines I’ve read it sure seems like it. But what’s going on, where is it coming from, and what can you do naturally to stay healthy? I sat down with Lucas Aoun to cover all of these things and more. Dig into this episode for a brilliant intro to optimizing hormone levels—particularly testosterone—and knowledge on how to avoid hormone disruptors.

(00:00:00) – Intro

(00:01:10) – What’s happening to men’s hormone levels, the symptoms, and what testosterone is responsible for

(00:09:41) – On cortisol, testosterone, and key building blocks

(00:16:26) – Outside of stress, what are some things negatively impacting test levels?

(00:22:07) – What about cardio or fasting?

(00:31:33) – Naturally optimizing testosterone with diet and sleep

(00:40:47) – Lucas’ take on TRT and the consequences

(00:45:06) – On tongkat ali, fadogia, shilajit, and other supplements

(00:56:44) – Lucas’ thoughts on creatine

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