Lodro Rinzler is a practitioner and teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage. Lodro has been meditating since he was a child and has written five books with the newest being, How to Love Yourself (And Sometimes Other People). Lodro’s columns have appeared on Elephant Journal, Huffington Post, Bloomberg, and so much more. Lodro talks on how you can love yourself, using your vulnerability as a strength, and he does a short demonstration on how to start meditating.

Key Takeaways:

[2:10] ManTalks will be hosting a one day event on Nov 7th.

[3:30] What is Man It Forward and how can you win tickets for the event?

[5:40] Who is Lodro?

[7:15] Why did Lodro run off to the monastery?

[8:30] Lodro is a second-generation Buddhist.

[11:40] Lodro talks about his latest book, How to Love Yourself.

[15:20] How can help people love themselves?

[18:45] Connor and Roger talks on the one day event ManTalks is hosting.

[21:35] How can we start meditating?

[31:40] How can men look into themselves?

[36:10] Meditating helps teach you how to love.

[40:00] Why does the world need meditation now?

[43:10] How does Lodro define success?

[45:00] What does it mean to be a modern man?

[46:20] What is Lodro excited about right now?

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