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Note: we had some audio troubles with this one! Welcome to 2024, team. We’re kicking it off a bit intense with the podcast. This week, a look at what the **** is going on with hormones. The science behind it all is complicated, but fertility markers across the board are dropping. Why? I sat down with Layne Kilpatrick to get some info.

This is a solid ep to check out if you’re wondering what hormones (especially testosterone) are all about, and want some solid ways to clear away endocrine disruptors out of your home.

(00:00:00) – Intro and Layne’s defining moment
(00:02:24) – What the hell is happening with men’s testosterone rates?
(00:08:02) – The role testosterone plays in child development
(00:16:36) – How microplastics, phthalates, and other chemicals affect development
(00:21:00) – What can newly pregnant couples do besides stop drinking from plastic water bottles?
(00:24:32) – More on hormone disruptors and testosterone 
(00:28:35) – On sperm and why you should store some while you’re younger
(00:33:37) – On glyphosate and atrazine
(00:39:58) – What some things men can do to support healthy testosterone and sperm production? 
(00:46:12) – What should the T levels and sperm count actually be for a middle-aged man?
(00:52:45) – Layne’s take on drugs like Ozempic

Layne Kilpatrick began compounding hormone preparations as a pharmacy intern at the Apothecary Shoppe in downtown Salt Lake City in 1986 when the process of micronization was first developed, paving the way for more widespread hormone supplementation.  He has developed several original formulations made exclusively at MOC. He has treated thousands of patients for hormone-related issues.  He acts as a consultant to medical practitioners and other pharmacists both in and outside of Utah, advising on the interpretation of hormone labs, clinical signs, and symptoms, and effective prescribing practices for ‘native’ hormone therapy, as he prefers to call it. Layne is a native Utahn of pioneer heritage and has lived in Draper since 2003.  He and his wife, Angie, have 5 children.

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