Ladies and gentlemen, Kyle Creek, aka The Captain. When I first came across this man’s work, I greatly admired his amazing ability to get straight to the point. I’ve wanted to have him on the show ever since. This is a wide-ranging, honest conversation on fatherhood, depression, how social media affects our individuality, and so much more. 

Also, I’m going to share his website bio here unedited because it’s…well, it’s just fantastic.

“As a kid, I wanted to be a cowboy. Then, my mom bought me a skateboard and I got on with my life. In college, I decided copywriting was the career move for me and, for the last decade, I’ve held a variety of creative positions both in-house and within agency settings. I’ve also published five books, spoken at events around the country, and educated the masses about shark dating as the host of “Shark Sex 101” for Discovery Channel’s ever-popular Shark Week series.

My work has had its share of recognition — but nothing will ever mean as much to me as the “2016 AAF People’s Choice Show Winner” award that I received for tattooing a former employer’s face on my ass as part of a charity auction.

My only regret in life is being just a grammar gunslinger and not an actual cowboy. I don’t even own a horse.”

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