JuVan Langford is a YouTube Influencer and the founder of Mentors Making Major Moves Inc.; a non-profit organization that introduces foster youth to inspiring mentors from all walks of life. JuVan lost his father to leukemia at a young age and lived in foster care. JuVan shares his story on what it was like growing up without a father, what it means to be a man, and shares so much more insight on the subject of masculinity.

Key Takeaways:

[01:40] What does Juvan do?

[03:15] Juvan was raised in a foster home.

[04:00] How has not having a father impacted Juvan?

[09:55] What is the best part of being a man?

[16:25] Sometimes just showing up is enough. You don’t always have to -do- something.

[20:50] What are Juvan’s core beliefs?

[22:00] Juvan talks about Mentors Making Major Moves

[24:50] What inspires Juvan?

[27:00] What does it mean to be a man? JuVan explains the AIM acronym.

[29:30] Integrity is about being real with yourself.

[31:05] Our greatest shame shows up in every aspect of our life. You have to control it.

[32:25] Take risks!

[33:45] JuVan talks about his mentor, Michael Gates.

[36:45] What legacy would JuVan like to leave behind?

[38:00] What’s JuVan excited about these days?

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