Is there anything better than having an old friend on your podcast? John is a brilliant and passionate mind in the realm of masculine wellness, and we cover a ton of ground here. What “integration” actually means, John’s new book, why disconnect and fear can be so damaging, the temptation to just layer new knowledge on top of old patterns. This is a big one, so listen in.

Known for his groundbreaking work with men, John travels world-wide teaching his vision of embodied men’s work and deep relational practice.  In 2014, he founded The New Men’s Work Project, which has attracted men from around the world looking to develop as leaders in their relationships and communities. The Project is committed to the staggering goal of creating 1000 men’s groups worldwide in the next ten years and has already supported trainings and groups throughout Europe and the U.S.  John’s clients include entrepreneurs, leading thinkers in the world of personal development and entertainment, Ted speakers and creative leaders in Hollywood.

John brings a multi-faceted approach, which is both energetic and highly practical, to his workshops and experiential coaching sessions. John’s embodiment-driven teaching draws from not only over 30 years experience of his own Buddhist meditative practice, but from 13 years intensive study and practice with renowned Yogic Intimacy teacher, David Deida.  Drawing from Deida’s revolutionary framework, as well as the deep lineages of Vajrayana, Tantra, Kundalini yoga, Taoist and Iron Shirt Qigong traditions, John seeks to create a profound experience for men and women longing to express their deepest desires with open, fierce and loving hearts. 

John’s work has been featured on multiple podcast and publications; including Zen Habits, The Elephant Journal, Sex with Emily, Man Talks, The Good Men Project and Love TV.  John’s first book, The Art of Masculine Leadership, will be available June 2022.  He will also be traveling throughout Europe and the U.S. leading workshops on embodied men’s work, spiritual intimacy and sexual practice.

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