Coming in hot after Keith Yackey’s episode is another good friend, Jayson Gaddis. This guy has a CV a mile long, so it’s always a pleasure to have him on the show. We go deep into relational conflict, looking at the unique blueprint each person brings to any relationship, how it informs the conflict we can (and can’t!) handle, and some tips and tricks on approaching conflict in a healthy way.

Relationship expert and sought-after coach Jayson Gaddis is the founder of The Relationship School, an impact-based company dedicated to helping people work out their differences and have fulfilling long-term partnerships. Jayson is considered a world leader in love, conflict resolution, and interpersonal relationships. He’s the host of an extremely successful podcast with almost 3 million downloads (and over 250 episodes) and has interviewed the very best in the world including Dr. Dan Siegel, Dr. Gabor Mate, Dr. Stan Tatkin, Dr. John Demartini, The Gottmans, Pat Ogden, and Bessel VanDerKolk.

Jayson founded The Relationship School® and leads the most comprehensive relationship training in the world on intimate relationships and partnership, called The Deep Psychology Of Intimate Relationships or (DPIR). DPIR is the ONLY curriculum on how intimate relationships work and how to do them well. Currently, Jayson has graduated over 100 students through his nine-month training. DPIR’s main focus is to help people become relational leaders and interpersonally intelligent. Jayson the creator of Interpersonal Intelligence® or i2. Interpersonal Intelligence® is a comprehensive map and system specifically designed to create a secure long-term partnership. i2 is informed by human development, transpersonal psychology, polyvagal theory, adult attachment theory, neuroscience, interpersonal neurobiology, axiology, psychotherapy, coaching, gestalt theory, and Vajrayana Buddhism.

Jayson also founded The Relationship School’s Relationship Coaching Training Program. The RC program has 3 levels of certification. Level one is about learning how to “be with” people and upgrade old habits around enabling and rescuing others so you can be a more effective and efficient helper. Level 2 is about learning to work with couples. Level three is about mastery. Thus far Jayson has certified over 40 people from around the world in his coaching modality called Present Centered Relationship Coaching™.

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