Preaching the obvious here, but romantic relationships are complex, and WHY something becomes a conflict can be incredibly hard to map—unless you’re Figs O’Sullivan. This was such an enjoyable interview. Figs brings a sense of playfulness and humor to the tough stuff, and helps open up new ways of looking at conflict in relationships, why it happens, why reoccurring arguments happen, how to move through those arguments differently. Have a listen to this alongside your partner!

Figs O’Sullivan was bred and emboldened in Dublin, Ireland and immigrated to the Marin County and San Francisco area in 1994. He was drawn to psychotherapy and self-exploration to better open to, move through, and heal his own emotional pain and suffering, and the last of his family to do so. Figs’ father is an experiential therapist in Ireland, his mother a social worker/probation officer, and his sister is also a psychotherapist in the Bay Area.

He received a BA and MA in Economics from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland before moving to the States and working as a stockbroker, employee stock options specialist, and executive. He quit the corporate world and attended Esalen in Big Sur, immersing himself in the study of existential psychotherapies, spirituality, body-oriented/somatic modalities, and the therapeutic expressive arts such as drama and dance as ways to uncage life, access inner wisdom, and build capacities for growth and transformation. Figs went on to receive an MA in Counseling Psychology from Meridian University in Petaluma.

He is also extensively studied  Gestalt Awareness Practice, Emotionally Focused Therapy (a highly effective form of marriage counseling), Imago, Collaborative Couples Therapy, Experiential Psychotherapy for Couples, Gottman’s work, and more.

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