Talking points: addiction, culture, history, enlightenment, Zen, purpose, non-duality

The ManTalks Podcast has grown exponentially over the last couple years, so for all you newcomers, I like to release a sort of cross-section or “best of” episode to showcase what the podcast is all about—after all, I have talked to some brilliant and varied experts over the years!

This time, the themes are the widest ever: addiction and enlightenment. I chose this to demonstrate my love of the scientific and the spiritual—and my constant goal to balance the two. As Albert Einstein said, science without religion is lame, and religion without science is blind. I hope you enjoy.

(00:00:00) – Dr. Anne Lembke on defining addiction and the addictive aspects of our modern world
(00:17:19) – Dr. Carl Erik Fisher on addiction through history and across cultures, and how society divides addicted people
(00:36:53) – Zen Henry Shukman on enlightenment as defined by Zen, his childhood, and his own story of kenshō
(00:58:45) – The acclaimed non-duality teacher Rupert Spira discusses the necessity of moving past the myth of separation

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-Rupert Spira:

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