Derek Kief is an astronomer at H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, located in British Columbia, Canada. Both Connor and Roger sort of nerd out on this podcast with their guest, but it provides the listeners with some great knowledge as to what’s out there―beyond our planet. Derek says that our space programs are the only things that countries from all over the world agree on. He believes that when we eventually colonize Mars, we’ll begin to see more diplomacy in the world as everyone works towards a common goal.

Key Takeaways:

[0:50] There are some fantastic things happening in ManTalks. Connor gives a quick update.

[3:45] Derek talks about his defining moment as a man.

[8:15] It took Derek some time to figure out that he didn’t have to conform to a stereotype. He can be who he is.

[9:35] What does Derek do?

[11:25] Who inspired Derek to become an astronomer?

[13:30] Be prepared! The guys geek out a little bit.

[13:50] What are we close to discovering out there?

[19:15] Where does Derek stand in the science community? Is he like the Patch Adams of science?

[24:25] Why was the discovery of gravitational waves important?

[25:40] Why are gravitational waves important for the everyday or average person?

[30:00] Let’s talk about Mars. Can we colonize it?

[31:55] Will travelling outside of our planet allow for more diplomacy? Can men of all different types and backgrounds finally work together?

[35:15] How does Derek stay curious?

[39:05] What are some of the best advice Derek has received?

[42:00] What is Derek’s stance on quantum computing?

[42:30] What does success look like for Derek?

[44:55] What exciting things are happening at the Space Centre right now?

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