David Katz is the Founder of The Plastic Bank and recent winner of the EO Global Citizen award. The Plastic Bank is the world’s only organization to monetize plastic recycling. The Plastic Bank gives opportunities for the disadvantaged to collect and trade plastic waste as currency and the organization aims to create a global micro recycling economy to help reduce poverty and clean the environment. David speaks to Connor on raising a special needs child, the importance of being present in your work, and so much more on today’s episode.

Key Takeaways:

[1:05] ManTalks will be having a one day event in Vancouver.

[2:10] Connor introduces David Katz

[4:00] What does David do?

[6:30] How does David’s plastic business work?

[10:25] Consumers are demanding corporations to make a conscious change in the environment.

[13:00] How does an entrepreneur make money? By adding value.

[14:40] What was David like as a kid?

[18:00] Enjoy the journey and focus on being happy today.

[23:15] Despite being a C-student, David went to university.

[25:55] Connor listened to the radio recently and hated it.

[28:00] What makes David present? Exercise.

[31:10] We never regret exercise when you’re done.

[40:00] How did David learn to work through the obstacles and not flee?

[44:25] David was inspired by failure.

[59:05] What’s David’s defining moment?

[54:40] Grow the most vulnerable part of yourself.

[61:10] Everything is meaningful when you know what to look for.

[64:35] What kind of legacy would David like to leave?

[70:00] What’s one question David never has been asked before?

[73:00] What’s David most excited about?

[74:55] Life is limitless.

[76:45] Remember ManTalks is hosting a one day event in Vancouver.

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