Talking points: vision quests, initiation, culture, ritual

Do things like vision quests and ceremony actually DO anything? Should they? What does it mean to “connect to a place”? What happens to a man when he’s immersed in nature—without a phone or a to-do list or even a destination? These are some of the wonderings I had with Mr. Darren Silver in this fascinating and enjoyable conversation. I’m a big believer in getting everything, not just men, out into the wild occasionally to reconnect with the non-human, and Darren shows us just how fruitful that can be.

Darren Silver, MA, is a rite of passage guide, Nature-Connected Coach, ceremonialist, and innovative educator. He has over a decade of experience working with ritual, wilderness living skills, and guiding transformational experiences residentially and internationally. A gifted storyteller and apprentice to the old myths, Darren weaves the power of the natural world, vision, and community in devotion to the remembrance of regenerative culture. 

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