Vienna Pharaon (my fiancé) and I dive into everything we need to know to get the most from of our relationship during the holidays.
This episode is for the people who want to get the most from the holidays and really be present.
It’s for the people who sometimes struggle to connect with family & friends,
for the people who have challenging family relationships,
and for the people who sometimes struggle to connect with in-laws.
We talk about:

  • How to maintain & deepens intimacy over the holidays
  • How to get the most from family time
  • How to have the tough conversations with family
  • Where the boundaries are with in-laws
  • How to navigate political conversations
  • When and how to set boundaries
  • Why some people are more stressed during this time of the year (and what to do about it)
  • And how to be present and grounded for all the good, the bad, and the ugly of the holidays!

Vienna Pharaon

Vienna Pharaon is the founder of Mindful Marriage and Family Therapy and is one of the most sought after Licensed Therapists in New York City. She is the relationship expert for Motherly, and has been featured in The Economist, Fatherly, The New York Post, and Vogue to name a few. With nearly 160k followers on Instagram, Vienna is recognized as one of the great relationship influencers of our time. In under 4 years, she has grown her business by 600% and has disrupted the therapy world by merging entrepreneurship into it and inviting others to do the same.

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