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5 Signs That It’s Time to Join a Men’s Mastermind

Should You Join a Men’s Mastermind?

How do you know if it’s right for you? Read on to uncover the signs that it might be time to join a men’s mastermind.
Life is incredibly short and you’re going to die sooner than you think. Not to mention the fact that everyone you have ever known will die, too. And it’ll probably happen sooner than you expect. I don’t want to make you sad or scare you. I want to create a sense of urgency within you. I want to wake you up. What would you do if you only had 5 months left to live? How about 5 years?
The only way to avoid disappointment on your death bed is to live your life to the fullest starting right now.
But you can’t do it alone. High-performing men intentionally surround themselves with others who will challenge and support them.
So ask yourself: “Is my community helping me live my life to the fullest?” Most men I talk to admit that they’re not being challenged and supported by their community, and thus not growing. But what do you do about it?
This is where the search for a mastermind begins.
Here are the top 5 signs that it might be time to join a men’s mastermind.

1. You’re ready to live with purpose.

David, a successful entrepreneur, was an early member of our mastermind. He built a multi-million dollar business and by most people’s measures, had it all.
Yet, when David joined the men’s mastermind, the other members challenged him to dig deeper. It soon became self-evident to David that something was missing.
Yes, he’d built a business. But, had he built a life? After a deep self-audit, he realized that everything was for himself. He’d forgotten to include his family in some of this plans. And purpose was foreign to him.
To grow he knew he needed to live with more purpose. He searched his heart in the mastermind and found gold. He knew he could take his valuable business success and begin to leverage it to serve others.
Soon, he shifted priorities. 
His family relationships began to flourish. And he made an exit plan that would allow him to dedicate the second half of his life to giving back.
Purpose. Are you living into yours? A well-crafted men’s mastermind will guide you towards purpose, which encompasses much more than just money or work success.

2. You want a deeper level of self-awareness.

Do you ever catch yourself doing something and have no idea why? Ever look at your job or your relationships and wonder how you got there?
We live entrenched patterns without even knowing it. They can be difficult to see, especially without an external mirror [others to challenge us].
The difficulty in identifying ones own thinking faults is made even more difficult by a culture that’s more concerned with selfies and status updates than fulfillment.
I’ve met legions of men who didn’t realize the extent of their life dissatisfaction until taking a step back to look at life from a different angle. This realization typically devastates the individual, but the journey they embark upon inspires themselves and others.
A well-designed men’s mastermind will always do two things simultaneously: a) challenge you and, b) support you. You become more self-aware by examining your actions, goals, beliefs, and motivations alongside a group of other kick-ass men then taking massive action towards positive change.
Are you even self-aware, bro?
Or, better stated: does your community challenge and support your self-awareness? If not, it might be time to join a men’s mastermind.

3. You’re ready to grow your impact.

Ever achieved something for yourself and felt a bit empty afterwards? That’s because, as humans, we need to give as well as get. In speaking with thousands of men I’ve found that we reach deeper levels of fulfillment when helping others along the way.
One of our mastermind members, Danny, came to this realization while diving deep into purpose and fulfillment. He owns a manufacturing business and his peers saw him as a huge success, but in his private moments he knew he hadn’t been lit up by his business in a while.
Meanwhile, his heart sang with joy whenever working with young people. Danny had a rough time in his teens and early 20s and made some regretful mistakes.
He wanted to help others avoid falling into the same traps, and as he leaned on the support and encouragement of the mastermind he clarified his vision to serve the youth.
Danny made some key realizations and slowly began passing his day-to-day business activities to a trusted manager, using his newfound free time to launch a youth engagement program in his community.
I loved watching him light up as his impact [and fulfillment] grew.
To be effective, a men’s mastermind must be deliberately organized around impact and fulfillment in addition to personal success.
Are you satisfied with your impact in the world? If not, it might be time to join a men’s mastermind.
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4. You’re ready to be held accountable by other high-performers.

After reading hundreds of applications to our mastermind and speaking to thousands of men, I’ve noticed some trends. Most modern men love their friends and social circle, but they do not feel challenged or supported by their peer group.
‘Socializing’ as we call it is usually organized around lighthearted fun. The worst faux pas to make is instigating a deep discussion while out for ‘beer with the boys.’
There is nothing wrong with fun. We all need it.
But then, where do you go to be surrounded by a culture of growth and excellence? Far too often, male relationships lack honesty, openness, and a willingness to challenge each other on a deeper level.
Similarly, most work environments don’t foster the values that are important to self-aware, impactful, and high-performing men. They almost seem purpose-built to stifle creativity and encourage obedience.
This leaves many men moving between a day at their unrewarding job to an evening with their complacent friends. A well-coordinated men’s mastermind gives high-performers the room and resources to blossom into their fullest potential.
Are you being held accountable to a higher standard? If not, it might be time to join a men’s mastermind.

5. You crave passion in your life.

One of the clearest signals to me that someone is in need of mastermind group support is when they move through life disinterested. They watch movies or sports to see other men passionately pursuing their dreams while realizing that same passion is missing from their own life.
Everything feels lackluster. They are unsure where their curiosity and excitement went and how they can get it back. 
Joining a well-formed men’s mastermind provides the spark that was lacking. The challenge/support dynamic acts as a pressure cooker to force out the goals and dreams that are buried deep within.
Most of the time men have great ideas and passions but lack the commitment and urgency to take action and pursue those goals.
Do you feel a bit dull sometimes? Are you concerned that you’ll never have a lust for life again? If so, it might be time to join a men’s mastermind.

So, What Are You Going To Do About It?

There is an ongoing joke in our community that I’m the ‘Instigator in Chief.’ So, don’t be surprised that I’m going to challenge you right now.
Did any of the above resonate? If so, it might be time for you to join a men’s mastermind.
Reach out and to take action. Whether it’s applying to our mastermind, building your own, or tracking down something on the internet, a well-formulated mastermind will yield exponentially better results than hacking away at the branches on your own.
Connor Beaton is the founder of ManTalks, an international organization focused on men’s health, wellness, success, and fulfillment. Connor is also an international speaker, podcast host, CEO, and leader of ManTalks mission to build a global brotherhood. Before founding ManTalks, Connor had a brief career as an opera singer and worked at Apple, leading high-performance sales and operations teams. Since founding ManTalks, Connor has spoken on stage at TEDx, taken ManTalks to over a dozen cities internationally and has been featured on platforms like Forbes, Influencive, HeForShe, The Good Men Project, UN Women, CBC, CBS, and the National Post.
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