Have you ever thought about where all the gentlemen have gone? Not a gentleman in the sense of where a man stands economical and socially; which was how society used to determine what social class a man would fit. But a gentleman in the modern sense. A man with morality on his mind and kindness in his heart. A man who’d stop to hold the door for a stranger and actually make an effort to put others before himself. A man that understands the power of pursuing purpose, works hard to make a life for himself and doesn’t feel like he’s entitled to something.
Have we as a society become so comfortable with the current status of our men, that we’ve learned to just accept things as they are and refuse to revolt against it?
It’s time for a shift. It’s time to make a stand. We can be more than we could’ve imagined and become the men we were created to be. We can achieve this shift by taking the steps necessary in our personal lives and challenging a generation of men to be socially, spiritually, emotionally and consciously aware. The more we bring awareness to the fact that we need to make a change and that we can be better men, it will not only affect you but it will impact the world around you. When men lead with love, which is what makes any man a gentleman; our communities, the workplace, families, businesses, and our youth will be greatly impacted in the best way possible.
Here are five ways that every man can be a part in the shift that is going change the way the world sees men. Let’s redefine manhood together. It starts with you:
As simple as it may sound, people tend to have a hard time being kind to others or are willing to go out of their way for a stranger.
Next time you’re out just be aware of others around you. Little acts of kindness have a big impact. If you’re walking into a store or coffee shop, stop and hold the door for the person either exiting or the person coming behind you.
Being kind isn’t about doing something nice and broadcasting for the world to see. It’s the acts that no one will ever see or know about that matter.
Respecting women is one trait that is a clear sign when a man’s behavior is that of a gentleman.
There was a time when men would rise every time a woman entered or was leaving the room. Now men are scarcely seen getting the car door for their date. You should strive to treat all women the same way you’d want someone to treat your mother, sister, wife, or daughter.
If you’re single, fellas the whistling, cat-calls and “say ma, let me holla at you real quick”, is not the way to get a lady’s attention. Today’s women have become so accustomed to this approach. So they think it’s a game when a man tries to be genuinely polite and respects her.
A gentleman cherishes, appreciates and values women as a whole. Show it in your actions gents, not just in your words.
Most folks think of a guy in a suit with a nice car, nice job, etc. when they hear the words ‘well-dressed’ and ‘gentleman’ in the same sentence. It’s a stereotype we’ve created for ourselves.
Let’s be clear here, there’s nothing wrong with a well-tailored Brooks Brother’s suit and oxfords. But that’s not what makes you a gentleman or a well-dressed man for that matter.
Being a modern day gentleman is all about individuality and what better way to express yourself than through your wardrobe. You can have on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and still be a well-dressed man.
Your daily attire is just an outward expression of your inner personality and taste. The saying goes, “when you look good, you feel good”, and it’s so true. Taking care of yourself and your hygiene should be a priority for any man but especially a gentleman.
Anytime someone does something nice for you or goes out of their way, just take a second and say ‘thank you’ and show your gratitude. Gratitude is a sign of compassion and maturity.
Whether it’s a co-worker, your wife, or a waiter at a restaurant, you should never be too busy to ask politely for something and to say ‘thank you.’ If it’s something you have a hard time remembering to do on a daily basis, start practicing and making it a habit.
Manners matter and they show you truly value others.
When blogs on the internet discuss what it means to be a gentleman or how to identify one, they always seem to miss one key value. This value states that a gentleman should have a great appreciation for his life and not take any moment on this earth for granted.
We only get one shot to live our best life now, and it would be crazy to waste it worrying or complaining about the things you don’t have.
If there are any areas of your life you are unhappy with, just know you have the power to change it. And if you can’t change the actual circumstance you can always change your perspective about it.
A gentleman takes responsibility for his own life, happiness, and success. You will begin attracting opportunities and the things you want, into your life. Just remember all you have is today and tomorrow isn’t promised. That’s how we learn to enjoy every moment as it comes to us without worrying about the regrets of yesterday and the uncertainties of tomorrow.
A gentleman is at peace with his life and makes the choice to be grateful for it.
Brandon AlexanderBrandon Alexander was born in Bremerton, Washington. He started dancing/performing in talent shows at a young age and discovered he liked being in the spotlight. After moving to his hometown of Killeen, Texas, he became very active in sports and the arts. He auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance his senior year of high school and decided he should move to Los Angeles to pursue training and a career in dancing professionally. Since moving to LA Brandon’s performed with the likes of Beyonce, Raphael Saadiq, and Jennifer Lopez. Now he’s the creator and founder of “New Age Gents” a lifestyle blog for men. He’s also in the process of writing his first book titled, “Tailored just for you” A guide for the modern-day gentleman.
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