Srinivas Rao, founder of The Unmistakeable Creative website and podcast, and author of Unmistakable, has interviewed over 600 thought leaders and people from all walks of life on his show. Today, he joins Connor on the show to discuss creativity, a bit of his background, where he found his drive, and why we should always learn from others, but not mimic them. Srinivas says that we do not need more copies – we need originals, willing to travel the road that’s never been traveled before, because true success is work that no one else can replicate.

Key Takeaways:

[1:40] Let’s talk creativity on today’s show.

[3:15] Famous on the internet? This concept is amusing to Srinivas.

[4:45] What does Srinivas’s name mean?

[7:10] Who is Srinivas?

[8:55] Srinivas downloaded Snapchat for the first time yesterday.

[10:15] Everyone should get on Snapchat? Everyone should start a podcast? No!

[11:00] Srinivas loves the platform ‘Medium’.

[11:35] Find one platform/thing and then get really, really good at it.

[12:40] What was Srinivas’s childhood like?

[14:55] Srinivas always looks for things he can be exceptional at, not average at.

[19:30] Srinivas is never satisfied.

[22:45] Where does creativity actually come from? How is it cultivated?

[27:10] What kind of action steps can people take to feel more creative?

[29:15] Be the only option for what you do, not the best, the only one. Srinivas explains.

[31:35] Why do you want to be like Tim Ferriss? Why?

[32:40] Learn what other people have done, but do not mimic them.

[35:00] Srinivas talks about his book, Unmistakable.

[40:30] True success is creating work that no one else can replicate.

[46:45] Srinivas talks about crowdfunding.

[48:45] Community is tremendously important and plays so many different roles in our lives.

[51:00] Do you have somebody to call at 2:00 am in the morning?

[51:30] Srinivas talks about the ‘impact zone’ and how waves in the ocean come in sets.

[57:05] What was Srinivas’s favorite interview that he’s done for his podcast?

[58:25] One experience Srinivas recommends? Catch a wave.

[58:35] Underrated trick for modern day success? The ability to unplug.

[58:35] What book would Srinivas take if he was stranded on an island? Hard to answer.

[59:00] What movie would he take? Blow with Johnny Dep.

[59:20] Who is the most influential creative person of all time? Walt Disney.

[1:00:15] What legacy would Srinivas like to leave behind?

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