Talking points: masculinity, culture, relationships

What is it men are actually looking for? We know how media tends to define “masculinity”, but what is it men are wanting to define? I sat down with MELD founder and fellow coach Owen Marcus to dig into some of this, because we’ve both found that what men really want and what mainstream narratives say they want are often two different things. Dig in, team.

(00:00:00) – Why do you think “masculinity” gets so much attention in our culture?
(00:05:44) – When are where do men feel most aligned, and why getting out of your head is important
(00:12:07) – Where did mature masculinity go, and the balance of biology and culture 
(00:19:25) – What happens when men miss moments of maturation
(00:27:03) – The value of being able to share what you’re going through with others, and what gets in the way
(00:33:27) – What is emotional physiology?
(00:39:24) – Tools to get back into the body, and what about men who avoid the work for fear it’ll make things worse?

Owen Marcus resisted getting into men’s work, and it was only because his pain exceeded his fear that he started his first men’s group in 1995 in his clinic in Scottsdale, AZ.
The conventional approach to men’s groups began to feel inadequate for Owen and the deep, transformative work he sought. After completing his straw bale home in the forests of Idaho, he decided to take everything he had developed in his practice and worked to create a new model. By the middle of 2005, he had a thriving men’s group group.
What began as the Sandpoint Men’s Group (SMG) grew beyond Marcus’s wildest expectations. Nineteen years later, it boasts over 400 alumni and more than 50 active members. This journey led to the birth of EVRYMAN and now MELD, each step an evolution of his initial vision.

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