Jason MacKenzie is going to teach you How to be a Stronger, Wiser & More Courageous FatherJason MacKenzie draws from his experience as a survivor of his wife’s battle with bipolar disorder and subsequent suicide and has overcome a decade-long battle with alcohol. But he has finally become the father his kids have always deserved. By being vulnerable, he is helping his daughters to use his experiences to inform the choices they make.His driving purpose is to lift those who want more from their lives to increasingly higher levels of personal and professional performance through cultivating the power of vulnerability. He teaches them it’s in the crucible of authenticity where they will develop unlimited strength, courage and wisdom.In this episode he equips us with the tools to make the choices that will create more of what we want in our lives.

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Some questions Roger & Connor asks:

  • What is defining moment in your life? (2:00)
  • How did you overcome your addiction? (3:45)
  • Can you share your process on how you worked through your grief? (12:50)
  • What do you think is most understood about Fatherhood? (19:00)
  • What is the one biggest lesson you learned in your marrage? (26:02)
  • Who can people get ahold of you? (31:05)

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