Talking points: attachment, relationships

Got a LOT of requests for this one! Relationships between anxious attachment and avoidant attachment folks are actually quite common. They can also be extremely tough. Listen in for what they’re like, why the patterns are hard to break, and how to move towards a secure, grounded partnership.

(00:00:00) – Intro, what characterizes the anxious-avoidant dance, and why there’s no “villain”
(00:04:08) – Why that dance is so strong
(00:08:28) – Examples of the anxious-avoidant dynamic
(00:12:58) – Can anxious-avoidant relationships actually work, how to know if it won’t, and how to END the dance
(00:16:56) – The “protest and punishment” behaviors, and how to self-identify if you’re the anxious partner
(00:21:23) – How to self-identify if you’re the avoidant one
(00:27:05) – So what do you to? Tips for the anxious
(00:33:05) – Tips for the avoidant
(00:38:19) – What to do together

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