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I’ve been asked this for a long time now, and finally decided to press the button. I don’t work in this industry to show off lambos, cohibas, and designer suits. It’s to help other men be what they know they’re capable of being. So if you’re someone who’s teaching, coaching, or making something for men, listen in, because here’s what I’ve learned.

(00:00:00) – Intro, why I’m making this, and the problems to solve when working with men 
(00:10:25) – What I’ve discovered works well. Number: get clear on the problem you’re solving
(00:12:33) – Speak to men directly. Not ABOUT men 
(00:15:08) – Use multiple platforms, but have one in the lead, and pay for training
(00:21:04) – Leverage other people’s mastery and credibility by paying for partnership
(00:25:55) – Give value every step of the way
(00:29:47) – Develop a very deep level of competency
(00:33:51) – Build really strong relationships
(00:40:16) – Repetition, time, and consistency 

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