Graham Young was sick and tired of the same impractical advice in the self-help industry, so he decided to disrupt it by creating the ‘Disruptive Performance Coaching’ method. He helps people by using a practical and science-based approach to their personal development. His main goal is to give people the freedom to control their lives. Graham talks on our fear of introspection, his definition of success, and so much more.

Key Takeaways:

[0:20] Roger is flying solo as Connor prepares for the ManTalks one day event.

[1:00] Who is Graham Young?

[3:15] Graham wasn’t happy with the self-help material out there.

[4:20] Graham talks about his mom and mentor passing away.

[7:15] What’s Graham’s process when working with a new client?

[10:00] Why do men fear introspection?

[14:20] What is the definition of a coach?

[16:25] Graham shares a client success story.

[21:10] Our brain is hardwired to be negative.

[22:35] What’s Graham’s definition of success?

[26:40] Graham talks about Marc Benioff

[31:22] What’s Graham’s core beliefs?

[36:35] Graham talks further about his mentor who committed suicide.

[39:30] What does it mean to be a modern day man?

[43:20] What is Graham most excited about today?

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