Dr. Kevin Gilliland, Psy.D., is an expert in mental health, depression and addiction. After working more than two decades in healthcare as a clinical psychologist, Kevin became a pioneer of outpatient treatment as the CEO and Executive Director of Innovation 360, a treatment center for alcohol & drug addiction, depression, anxiety, bipolar, family therapy and life development. In addition to managing the day-to-day operations of Innovation360, which include staff management, program development, and coordinating client care with outside therapists and physicians, Kevin also works with individuals and couples seeking to improve their family and marriage relationships.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn: – How you can move towards high performance? – The obstacles Men face in trying to perform at the highest level? – How does Mental Health affect our performance? – How Guilt & Shame are often confused with Motivation – How masculinity shows up in depression, anxiety, addiction – How to identify depression if and when it grows – How depression shows up in Men vs Women (and how each gender reacts to it) – IQ, EQ and LQ – What are they and why they are important in your success? – The negative consequences of following the myth of the lone wolf/lone ranger. – The importance of relationships in identifying signs of depression/mental health – How language impacts a Man’s ability to identify and own depression

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Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Some Questions Connor Asks:Could you share a defining moment for you? – 5:44 What are some of the blocks you see from people who can’t take action with their health? – 12:43 What are some of the signs before depression? – 15:35 Is there any reason from a psychological side on why men “avoid” the signs? – 21:00 How can guys fight “shutting down” from depression and what can those around them do to help? – 33:18

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