Dr. Arthur P. Ciaramicoli is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been treating his clients for more than 35 years. He is the Chief medical Officer of Soundmindz.org and has lectured at Harvard Health Services. Arthur is the author of several books including The Stress Solution and The Power of Empathy, which both Arthur and Connor discuss on today’s show. Discover the need for empathy in your daily life and learn how to apply it in today’s episode.

Key Takeaways:

[3:45] What was a defining moment for Arthur?

[7:15] Empathy slows down the process during intense moments or conversations.

[10:15] 50% of people wake up during the middle of the night due to stress.

[10:40] Stress is produced often by misconceptions. You can use empathy to calm the emotional brain.

[13:15] What are some of the causes of stress?

[16:15] How can we combat stress?

[17:00] The most successful people in life have a wide emphatic range.

[18:55] Remember, empathy is different than sympathy.

[21:40] Take the time to see beyond the service. Use empathy to understand the other person’s perspective.

[25:25] When we are stressed, we’re far less likely to eat well.

[27:45] Often times what holds us back are our limiting beliefs and our past.

[29:15] Good friends give us what we need, not what we want.

[30:25] How do they rewrite their story?

[32:25] A lot of us suffer from performance addiction. We believe achieving a certain status will gain love and respect.

[34:00] What really sustains us is who we are, not what we achieve.

[36:00] People who give are much healthier than takers.

[37:25] What kind of legacy would Arthur like to leave behind?

[38:55] The hatred that’s in the world is incredibly disturbing to Arthur.

[39:35] Arthur talks about someone he works with regularly.

[42:20] What’s the one experience Arthur recommends anyone to do?

[43:50] What is the most underrated trait for modern day success?

[45:40] What question should we ask to be more emphatic towards others?

[46:15] What book would Arthur take if he was stranded on an island? One of Dalai Lama’s books.

[46:25] Who is the most influential person of all time? Jesus.

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The Curse of the Capable by Arthur P. Ciaramicoli

The Stress Solution by Arthur P. Ciaramicoli

The Power of Empathy by Arthur P. Ciaramicoli

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