Talking points: attachment, mindset, relationships, psychology

The last “A Man’s Guide” was a big hit. I had a feeling it would be, but the response still surprised me! Next up, a serious breakdown of avoidant attachment. Here’s the definition, where it comes from, the signs, and tips for moving away from it in a relationship.

This is a great episode to listen to with your partner. Take notes, discuss, and see what comes up! Lastly, thank you to everyone who reached out with comments, questions, ideas, and gratitude. I love doing these longer-form presentations; it means I get to nerd out and really lay things down.

(00:00:00) – Intro
(00:03:56)- Defining secure attachment versus avoidant
(00:06:51) – Attachment styles don’t mean you’re broken or diseased in some way
(00:08:20) – What an avoidant attachment style ultimately is, where it comes from, and one major type many men embody
(00:15:12) – One major origin point of avoidant attachment: emotional distance or unavailability
(00:23:59) – Another major origin point: premature independence
(00:26:44) – And the third: rejection of attachment
(00:29:27) – Last one: inconsistent responses and emotional stability
(00:33:49) – Signs of avoidant attachment in your relationship
(00:40:39) – What to do if you’re with an avoidant partner
(00:50:43) – What to do if YOU are the avoidant partner!

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