Why Mindset is Everything | David Bayer

Mindset is Everything: A Deep Dive Into the Mechanics of Your Powerful but Error-Prone Mind

Your success depends on your ability to eliminate what’s not important and move beyond anxieties and distractions. In other words: it depends on mindset mastery. At the end of this episode you’ll agree that mindset is everything.

Imagine being grateful for your rock-bottom. This week’s guest, David Bayer, feels this way about his rock-bottom. But this episode isn’t about David’s addictions, or even the gratitude he now feels when looking back on his personal rock bottom.
Although we touched on all of those and much more. So what’s this episode about?

It’s about mindset mastery…

David is one of the most powerful proponents and spokespeople for mindset mastery alive today. Why does mindset matter so much? Put simply: mindset is everything. Everything you want to achieve depends on your mindset.
If you’re reading this blog article or listening to our podcast, it means you’re the kind of person who is currently seeking greater levels of self-awareness. It means you’re looking for an edge so you can continue to be a high-performer. Or maybe you’re just looking to be a better man.
I salute you for being such an individual.
Because the world has enough automatons, running on autopilot, letting past programming run their lives. In fact, as David points out we are always running up against our limiting beliefs. These have traveled with you from the past like unwanted stowaways on Spaceship You.
But there is a way to overcome this past conditioning and build something new. While teachers throughout history have been describing it in their own way, David has created a powerful method for breaking the tethers of past conditioning.
It rests on the distinction between the two types of mindset we’re always in at every moment.

Beautiful vs. Suffering Mindset

You are always in one of these states. But you’re never in both.
According to David, achieving mindset mastery is largely a matter of becoming aware when you have crossed into suffering, then identifying the thoughts (limiting beliefs) that have catapulted you there.
If you can do that, you can then make the decision to believe a different set of thoughts.In that moment you re-launch yourself into a beautiful mindset. From there you can create powerfully.
But it’s a regular practice. We seem to believe that if we try something once and it doesn’t stick forever, it means we’ve failed. So we give up.
This is a choice you’ll have to make over and over again.

There is a lot more about mindset mastery in this episode…

More than I can cover in this summary.
But here are the brass tacks: if you’re looking for an edge, this podcast has the power to do it as much or more than any other. Learn from David, then live what he teaches.
Do it now, because life is fucking short and mindset is everything.

Here’s a rundown of some of the most powerful mindset mastery takeaways from this episode:

  1. The mindset to overcoming hurdles in life
  2. How to tackle self-limiting beliefs in relationship and/or intimacy
  3. How hitting “rock bottom” is a blessing in disguise
  4. About the definition of “true forgiveness”
  5. That there are only two states of being – the “beautiful” and “suffering”
  6. About the emotional compass of our daily operation
  7. The only real cause of suffering – what is real vs what man has introduced into the world
  8. Suffering is caused by the meaning we give our circumstances
  9. Our thoughts cause suffering
  10. The thinking that is causing suffering is not true
  11. Your body is designed to feel when thoughts aren’t aligned with reality
  12. Thus you experience suffering/anxiety/overwhelm (not aligned with reality)
  13. Beliefs are decisions
  14. For example: If you believe money is scarce, it means you’ve decided this
  15. A 2-step process to become aware of the things hiding in your blind spots
  16. How critically analyzing your thinking leads to liberation and the ability to change
  17. Since beliefs are decisions, you can choose to make new decisions and change beliefs
  18. The concept of “Neurosculpting”
  19. Whether “problems” really exist and how our perception creates our reality

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Guest Bio: David Bayer

David Bayer is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer, seminar leader and certified personal development coach. David is the Creator of The Powerful Living Experience and The Higher Power System. He also serves as CEO of chamberofcommerce.com, the leading online business directory and blog for small businesses.
After graduating from Columbia University (’98) David launched his first start-up, PopWall.com, at the age of 22, and quickly established himself as an early online expert. In 2000 David left his first company to join Ducati Motorcycles as executive responsible for developing the luxury brand’s online business.
In two years, www.ducati.com sold the first motorcycle online, generated $70,000,000 in online revenue, and was the 7th highest grossing ecommerce site in Europe. Upon returning to the states, David raised several rounds of venture capital investment for DataBanq, an online lead generation company focused on local search.
In 2009 DataBanq acquired the rights to chamberofcommerce.com where David serves as CEO. chamberofcommerce.com works with more than 100,000 local business owners and entrepreneurs to help grow their businesses.
Throughout his career David has worked with a variety of clients including FedEx, Washington Mutual, MBNA, Office Depot, Tiger Direct, Best Buy, CompUSA, Vistaprint, iContact and Salesforce.com to name a few.
In 2014, David launched the Powerful Living Experience, a program that transforms the lives of individuals and organizations through David’s unique processes and beliefs-based methodologies.
David is currently focused on making the Powerful Living Experience and the Higher Power System available through online programs, private workshops, his books and blog, speaking engagements and the once-per-year Powerful Living Experience Live Event.

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