Maureen McGrath – Conversations With A Sex Therapist. Sexless Marriages, Masturbation, Sexual Dysfunctions, And How To Have The Best Sex Life Possible.

Maureen McGrath hosts the Sunday Night Health Show on the Corus radio network a live listener call-in radio program that can be heard in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg. She is an RN, a Nurse Continence and Sexual Health Educator in clinical practice. Her TEDx talk on the No Sex Marriage has received over 17 million views. She is also the Executive Director of the Women’s Health Initiative Network, an organization to raise awareness about women’s reproductive, bladder, vaginal and sexual health. She is author of the book, Sex & Health: Why One Can’t Come Without the Other.

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Facebook: @maureen.mcgrath.75
Instagram: @50_shades_of_pink1

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