The Mask of Masculinity [Video]

Giving a TEDx talk is an honor and an endeavor.

Creating a message hoping it will make a difference, practicing, editing, practicing some more, doubting yourself, changing the message, scrapping the whole talk, starting over again.

Do this a dozen times and maybe, just maybe you’ll have something worth watching. Or as TED says, an idea worth sharing.

My talk is about men, the biggest challenge modern men face, how these changes are affecting us, affecting women, our children and what could be possible if we shifted our perspective.

There are tens of thousands of TED talks out there, so why should you check mine out? And is it an idea worth spreading?

Well, here are 5 reasons to check it out:

  1. I sing Opera to drive my point home in front of 2,000 people (You have to watch it all to find out where and no it’s not the end).
  2. I talk about the biggest challenge men face today, the impact and what we need to do about it.
  3. If you’re a guy who’s wanting to understand himself better and show up more powerfully in life (and I suspect you are), this video is worth watching.
  4. If you’re a woman who believes in equality and wants to hear what we as men are doing to develop, grow, and evolve to create that equality, you’ll definitely want to watch this. (It’s had hundreds of shares on social media and (by my estimate) 60% have been from women.
  5. Because I asked and said please. Please watch this. This is an invitation to something which may shift your perspective. I believe in this message for both men and women. I believe that THIS conversation is one worth having, spreading and is something which can save men and women everywhere.

Love it or hate it, give it a chance. Please comment on it and share your feedback with me. Share it with people who you feel need to see it and hear the message.


Connor Beaton

Connor Beaton is the founder of ManTalks.

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  • VKSaver says:

    Educator and youth advocate Ashanti Branch says, “Our kids get up every morning; they have to prepare their mask for how they’re going to walk to get to school. Hopefully they can take the mask off so they can focus on learning. A lot of our students don’t know how to take it off. The mask sticks with them all the time.”

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