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Mini-Episode: Facing Your Shadow

If you want to unlock more of your potential and live your dream life it will come from knowing your own shadow parts. I talk about what it means to seek the…

Anonymous Client – Healing the Wounds of a Father and Dealing with Anger

Connor interview an anonymously guest shares about his tumultuous relationship with his father and how that ties in to the challenges he’s facing now and has faced in his previous relationship. We talk about how he was lacking a role model to show him how to tend to and take care of his own challenges. How moving forward he can set boundaries and take care of his own needs.

The episodes covers the shadow, repressed anger and how anger towards other people if often a projection of anger towards self.

Jeff McNairy – The NeuroScience Of Plant Medicine

Dr. Jeff McNairy, Psy.D., M.P.H. is the Chief Medical Officer at Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica. He has worked in the mental health field for over 25 years in Los…

Question The Rules: Porn

SAXX Underwear and ManTalks have partnered to Question the Rules: of Men and host a series of (sometimes uncomfortable) conversations about being a man today. No bullsh*t, no filters, #nostatusquo.#questiontherules

We asked men to open up about their relationship with porn — the good, the bad and the uncomfortable. Join the conversation, featuring ManTalks founder Connor Beaton; former Penthouse Magazine porn editor Chris Nieratko, Storyteller and writer Mike Rosen, and Daniel Saynt, founder of NSFW (a members-only club for the adventurous). We’ve got a lot to talk about. Ready to Question the Rules? #QuestionTheRules

Warning: uncensored conversations and mature subject matter

Mini-Episode: Lessons from Men’s Work

What is men’s work? What happens there and why should any man do it? The simple answer is: it helps you face your darkness, demons, and dysfunction so you can unlock your…

Mini-Episode: Why Guys Follow Instagram Models

This question comes to me almost on a daily basis. Why do men follow female instagram models when they’re in a relationship? I break down the behaviours behind why men do this and give a few tools for men to create more awareness around this.