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Mini-Episode: How To Forgive Your Father

If you want to find a deeper sense of purpose in life, have healthier, more rich relationships, or more meaningful connections, it starts by healing the relationship to your father. Whether he’s…

John Kim – I Used to Be a Miserable F*** and the Future of Therapy

John Kim is an author and licensed therapist who pioneered the online life coaching movement eight years ago, after going through a divorce and rebirth.  He started a blog called The Angry Therapist and quickly built a devoted following of fans who loved the frank and authentic insights that he freely shared on social media.  He pulled the curtain back and showed himself by practicing transparency and sharing his story, something therapists are taught NOT to do.  Kim became known as an unconventional therapist who worked out of the box by seeing clients at coffee shops, on hikes, and the gym.  He quickly built a coaching team of his own and launched a sister company called JRNI, creating a new way to help people help people and change the way we change.

Mini-Episode: What Stops You From Going All In

What stops you from going all in and making your dreams a reality? There can be a number of reasons, but this mini episode breaks down the most common reasons and shares…

Anonymous Man – Facing PTSD, Childhood Trauma, and How Lack of Discipline Impacts Relationships

In this episode, Connor interviews a former Army veteran who spent time in Afghanistan in the EOD unit (explosive ordnance disposal). His job was to go out into the field and support clearing bomb, potential explosive, and hazards so the rest of the command could travel freely. 

This episode digs into a lot. The guest talks about coming back from war with PTSD, the impact it had on his marriage, the infidelity, divorce, and childhood abuse he witnessed between his mother and father. 

AND it dives into the light that has kept him going through it all: his children and his mission to heal. 

This episode is powerful and sheds light on how men can break the cycle of passing on trauma from their pasts, heal from their dysfunction, and take the next step on the road to building a better future for them, their families, and the world around them.

Mini-Episode: How To Be More Accountable

Ah yes, accountability. The thing we all want to have and loath to see personal development gurus who seem to have. Here’s the deal – accountability is something YOU have to do.…