Are you on a journey of self-discovery, wondering “What is your purpose?”
Like many on the journey of personal growth, I spent years reading empowering books and attending various transformational seminars.
Early on in my journey, my motivations were very vague. I just wanted to be “better” and “happier” but without any real sense of what that looked like and or where I was going.
I had a hunger to change my circumstances because I was becoming weary of my situation and felt deep down that I had the power to change rather than just settling for my current reality.
My motivations were earnest; I wanted to make more money and break myself and my family out of the history of poverty and scarcity thinking. In a way, my intentions and reasons were self-serving and the notion of fulfilling my “purpose” or having impact in the world felt ludicrous.
The belief I held then was “why should I care about others when I can’t even take of myself?”. I simply was not capable of holding notions of serving others when my mind was preoccupied primarily with survival and clouded with many old unresolved beliefs that held me back from achieving greatness in my life.
A couple of years into an intense period that involved attending many workshops, I made an incredibly difficult decision. I invested a significant portion of my income, which I technically did not have at hand at that time, into a private year long program for heart-centered entrepreneurs.
The program was designed for spiritually conscious individuals with a big vision to create meaningful transformations in others’ lives and businesses while thriving financially.
A few months into this program, I began to feel an emergence of something I had never felt before. It was an awakening of a genuine desire to create a business that added meaningful value to others, and that extended beyond my needs.
I began to think beyond my immediate situation and the mere desire to break myself out of scarcity. I knew I wanted to “help” people in some way but had virtually no clue how I could do that. This process of unraveling my purpose would continue for another two years of intense work before I gained any clear sense of confidence and embodiment of my purpose.
My previous experience with most workshops and programs, especially anything business related, was that they were “Action driven.” We learned the steps of how to create a business that can generate a big income, but completely ignored internal elements that can cause you to self-sabotage and prevent yourself from ever attracting the abundance you desire.
That is why I attribute my awakening to the unique design of the heart-centered entrepreneurs program. With virtually no “business” elements at all, the first three months were dedicated entirely to clearing out old beliefs and creating a solid foundation from which one can set off to build a business around one’s true soul calling.
I later realized how significant the experience was for me. I recognized that my “purpose” was not to be “found” per se, but will naturally emerge once I clear out enough of the “stuff” that’s in the way.
I believe you have a purpose, and your responsibility is to uncover it and share it with others in whatever capacity your soul yearns for.
If you have been on a journey of self-discovery asking yourself “What is my purpose?” without getting any clear answers. Then my invitation for you is to keep moving forward, to continue growing and view your current stage as a process of removing the stuff that comes in the way of uncovering the purpose that already lives within you.
27452285564476.LvXmKGeoHA8XFcMkttiQ_height640Alexanndre Levan is dedicated to living a self-actualized life. He shares his facility to bring wisdom and consciousness teachings down-to-earth to empower those on the path of spiritual awakening. He is especially committed to illuminating and activating the path for Millennial Leaders to live meaningful and purposeful lives, realizing their potential through embracing the higher-consciousness that is coming into the world today.
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