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ManTalks – Mindset & The Power Of Mentors

This Vancouver event features three powerful speakers who will share their journey of how powerful mentorship is for building wealth, the mindset needed to succeed and how to shift our narratives around money.

We’ve all heard successful people say it ‘mindset matters’ & ‘find a mentor who will help guide you.’ In our modern day society, so few people actually feel like they have powerful mentors in their life who are giving them feedback and helping to shift their mindset to something more growth and success oriented.

Mentorship can be the only barrier between success and failure.


Join us for ManTalks Monday, October 24th at 6:30pm (Doors open).

Location: Hootsuite HQ, 5 East 8th Avenue






A space for the modern man to evolve through authenticity, community, purpose & accountability. Join us in creating a movement.


ManTalks Monday


Our Monday evening sessions are speaker and networking events held once every month, where Men (AND Women) come to take part in bold conversations about redefining what it means to be a man in this day and age. These events are designed to highlight hot topics relevant to men wanting to live more on purpose, more in balance and a more successful life. Each speaker is a leader in their field who lives by authentic example. Each event provides ample opportunity to connect with other men and women who share our growth centred path. Our intention is to create the space for the modern man to evolve and thrive. We do this by engaging in powerful dialogue to help men build more authentic relationships with themselves and other like minded men and women. For more info please see our Events Page.

Women are encouraged to join us during this event and add their voice to our discussion!


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