Creating Direction In
Chaotic Times

The Art of Getting Unstuck and Finding Clarity

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Finding Your Way Forward

77% of you when surveyed said you feel stuck or are lacking direction.

It might be a transition you’re going through – a break up, change in your career, or some underlying question that you’ve been grappling with for years – or it may be because of  the overwhelming complexity that has emerged in our society and culture over the past few years.

Let’s face the facts, life has changed.

The innate complexity of daily life and never-ending impending challenges can leave you feeling disoriented and confused about how to move forward with the problems and questions in your life.

This is what I see and hear almost daily – people who feel stuck, lost, and lacking in clarity of direction. Not knowing how to move forward with a decision about a relationship, how to create the change they ultimately desire in their health, or knowing where to find clarity in finding their career / purpose.

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Sunday, January 28
12pm - 2pm Eastern Time

The Realm of Stuck & Directionless

Discover how to overcome your fear of making wrong decisions and letting go of regrets that keep you stuck.

Through a blend of psychology, myth, and poetry, we’ll delve into why most people stay stuck (because there is a hidden benefit to it), why simply being motivated isn’t enough to create direction, and how your shadow plays a role in keeping you from the clarity you want.

By understanding where you made mistakes in the past and identifying where you are now, you can define a clear path out of being lost or stuck.

Sunday, February 4
12pm - 2pm Eastern Time

Walking The Road Of Clarity

In this call, I’ll lay out my method for you to find a deeper sense of direction in your life.

Learn how to cut the background noise and minimize distractions that are likely holding you back.

We’ll explore an array of tools, strategies and the psychology behind creating direction.

As a bonus, you’ll also learn the three pillars to move past the stuck feeling in your body. Plus, we’ll talk about why regulating your nervous system is the key to breaking free.

What the community says about connor’s teaching 

“Through Connor’s mentorship and guidance, I have much more direction.”

“Connor has a gift for asking questions that get to your core, and help you to recognize and uncover what it is that you really need. He pushes you to make the positive changes, and decisions that need to be made to benefit your life. I found clarity in what I want in a relationship and I feel greater balance in all aspects of my life.”

“For a long time, I believed that I was stuck, because I thought something was wrong with me.”

“But nothing is wrong with me, I've just made some bad decisions. And those decisions have consequences that aren’t permanent and I can change.”

“As you’ve told me, "stuck is a gift".”

Thank you for this a thousand times. It gave me the peace to learn from this chapter instead of continting.

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If you’re experiencing feelings of being stuck, indecision, or a lack of clarity in any aspect of your life, this workshop is designed to provide practical tools and insights to help you move forward.

Absolutely! The content covered is for everyone.

The workshop encourages participation and questions. There will be sections each day for you to ask questions about the content.

The Masterclass will address the roots of feeling stuck, the hidden benefits that may be keeping you there, and practical strategies to find direction. You’ll also learn about overcoming fear, making confident choices, and understanding the three pillars to move past the feeling of being stuck.

No problem. We will send out the call replay after Day 1 so you’ll have a week to catch up.

No. This is a LIVE online experience. It is designed so that you can get everything you need in real-time. I’m giving you my all, and I only want you to join me if you are equally committed to the experience.

Yes, a replay will be available for participants who register.

Yes! This workshop is designed for individuals at all levels of experience.

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