The Wedding Special Pt 1 – Building A Relationship Foundation, Choosing Last Names and Relational Transition

All relationships deal with transition.

Some better than others.

But no matter what, how couples learn to navigate transition can make or break the relationship.

In this wedding special, Vienna and I talk about how we handled some of the tough transitions and conversations on our road to getting married.

We talk about the choice around changing last names, driving her father cross country, and some of the normal hurdles couples face when embarking on their next steps.

Vienna Pharaon is the founder of Mindful Marriage and Family Therapy and is one of the most sought after Licensed Therapists in New York City. She is the relationship expert for Motherly, and has been featured in The Economist, Fatherly, The New York Post, and Vogue to name a few. With nearly 160k followers on Instagram, Vienna is recognized as one of the great relationship influencers of our time. In under 4 years, she has grown her business by 600% and has disrupted the therapy world by merging entrepreneurship into it and inviting others to do the same.

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