Talking points: dating apps, selection preferences, statistics, what to do

I don’t know the specific number of people actually satisfied with the modern dating scene, but given what I’ve read and researched, it’s a VERY small number. What happened, and what can men do?

In this mini-ep, I dig into some statistics around modern dating, how it’s been a growing shift for a while now, and what young men can do about it instead of giving in to cynicism, misogyny, or victimhood.

[00:00] The stats and what women seem to want.

[03:58] Women’s selection preferences mean their pool of eligible men is shrinking.

[06:27] Even I noticed this back in the day.

[08:02] The data can be overwhelming; what are the consequences of that?

[11:21] Prioritize male friendships. Go out and do things. Here’s why.

[15:33] Don’t allow yourself to read data like this and become the victim.

[16:24] How Quinn Mossmacher in White Lotus seems like the epitomization of what many young men are experiencing.

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