Talking points: fatherhood, attachment, communication

Back in August, I had this gentleman on, and we covered some deep ground. In part two, we end up looking at a present struggle, fatherhood, and how it both connects and is separate from old patterns. 

This is an excellent episode to check out if you’ve been curious about what shape repeat sessions can take, and how we can use what we’ve learned about ourselves not just to overcome our own obstacles, but help others too.

(00:00:00) – Intro, recap, and an update
(00:05:49) – We tend to overlook the healing and focus on what’s still going wrong
(00:09:56) – The challenges helping and managing an adopted son, and the fear of being unable to help
(00:18:21) – Similarities between what’s being experienced now and what was experienced as a child
(00:20:29) – What it’s like trying to connect with a son and not feeling like it’s happening
(00:28:24) – “What feels familiar between the relationship you have with your son and the relationship that you as a boy had with your father?”
(00:30:04) – You might be more alike than you think
(00:34:36) – How might the work of grieving a mother’s passing and relating to your son be connected?

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