The Performance Mastermind 

Overcome Your Obstacles + Actualize Your Potential

The performance mastermind is a brotherhood designed to help you reach your potential by facing your darkness. 

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious." - Carl Jung

What You'll Learn

  • Masculine Leadership & communication skills
  • How to face and heal your own dysfunction and darkness
  • How to engage, embody, and actualize your potential
  • To strengthen your sexual capabilities

What Men Have To Say

"12 guys in group, with no bullshit or bravado, has a power to move you forward unlike anything else. In 6 months, my game in business, life and happiness was leveled up immeasurably."

- Joel M.

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How It Works 

This is Why the Performance Mastermind Gets You Into Action On the Goals That Matter Most  

Get Connected

As entrepreneurs and men we often drive ourselves to isolation. We want to provide, solve problems, and make a difference. But we forget that we can’t do it alone. The Mastermind connects you with other incredible men like you.

Get Challenged

You're self-directed, self-led, and likely the bos. So who steps forward to challenge you when you need challenging? The ManTalks Performance Mastermind is designed for you to expose your business and personal ideas and plans to positive challenge. 

Get Support

Our bravado and desire to lead often hides a difficult truth: There are many life and business situations where we need support more than anything else. No warrior goes to battle alone. Your fellow members will have your back, no matter what. Do you have this in your life?

Get Focused 

You're working hard, but are you doing the right things?It’s easy to stray from your original intention. All year, we work on purpose, legacy, and fulfillment. This allows you to refocus and, if neccessary, align your actions with what matters most. This focus leads to better decisions.

What Our Members Say

"Working with Connor has radically changed my outlook in life, relationships, level of fulfillment, and business. For the first time in many years, I feel empowered to be the type of man that I am proud of. The journey has not been easy. The work has given me the support structure, encouragement, accountability on the bullshit I say to myself & others and the compassion needed to push through to be successful."

- Ketan L.

Who Is The Performance Mastermind For? 

I carefully curate this high performance group 


You're not only traditionally successful. You also have a vision beyond money, whether it be a lifestyle, service, or product vision.


This is designed for established entrepreneurs who have: 1) already broken through the initial hurdle of building a stable and relevant business, and 2) who have been in business for at least two years.


Nobody is impressed by fakery or posing. We have a strict ‘no douchbags’ policy. Members are generous with their words, time, and support for the other members.


Members are either a founder or executive level in his business. No member is stranger to responsibility and leadership, thus elevating the conversation for all the members.

What Our Members Say

"The Performance Mastermind supported and challenged me through two major life transitions: becoming a father and building a new business."

-Kevin Banno, Real Estate Entrepreneur 

The Structure

The Performance Mastermind is Desiged to Create the Experience You Need to Deliver The Results You Want 

12 Monthly Video Sessions 

Once a month we talk about where you're at and any blocks that are holding you back. 

4 Weekend In Person Sessions

Major breakthroughs and insights happen at our live sessions. The truth is spoken, and members give honest insights and feedback as members each focuses on his work. Location is chosen to pattern interrupt daily life, and accommodations are taken care of so you can focus on what matters most.

Weekly Accountability  

Entrepreneurs thrive at 'getting things done' but not always what matters. We focuse on the few actions leading to the biggest change. To this end, we’ve developed a unique peer accountability system. You and your partner will hold each other to what matters most.

What Our Members Say

"I am finally the man I have always wanted to be because of my work with Connor. I can navigate my emotions, prioritize on my agenda, and I have never been more successful, or had as much clarity in business, love, and life."

- Trevor B.