The ManTalks Mastermind 

Live with purpose. Develop yourself. Master relationships. Succeed at work.

Are You a Good Fit For The Mastermind? 

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How Will You Grow?

Achieve Goals

Unlike in a men's group, which usually end up as months' long group therapy sessions with no tangible results, you will focus on AND acheive real results.

 Get Connected

Most modern men are disconnected. It's time to step into a deeply connected world, where you and your fellow group members will make change together.

Be Focused

When you get clear on your purpose, every other decision in your life follows simply. You will stop second guessing and start moving quickly.

Give Back

Our groups operate using simple but effective peer-to-peer mentoring methods. You will be asked to both lead and follow, as you were born to do.

The ManTalks Mastermind Is For You If You:

  • Are Committed to Personal AND Professional Growth
  • Can Show up for Yourself AND Others for a Year
  • Will Take the Lead in Speaking the Truth 
  • Will Both Support AND Challenge Other Members
  • Are Committed to Living With Purpose and Fulfillment
  • Will Take Consistent Action Towards Your Goals
  • Will Take an Active Role in Making the Group Work
  • Take Personal Responsibility For Your Situation

Follow Our Proven Process 

Master Your Life With Timeless Masterminding Principles

Consistent Gatherings

Meetings are designed get you working what's most important regularly. But true connection is cemented between meetings, which happen regularly in your city. 

Twice-Monthly Meetings

Consistency = results. There are no "secret formulas" to success. But consistency works. We meet twice monthly for an entire year, creating momentum.

Regular Accountability

We follow time-tested peer-to-peer accountability protocol to ensure you always get the support and challenge you need to acheive your goals.

Face-to-Face Dynamic

Men always thrive best when we are surrounded by a small group of other men who will both support and challenge us to be our best. Get back to what works.

The ManTalks Mastermind Is NOT a Fit For You If You:

  • Are Only In It For Yourself
  • Can't Show Up Consistently
  • Are a 'Personal Development Junkie' 
  • Aren't Committed
  • Blame Others For Your Challenges
  • Are Not an Action-Taker
  • Are Looking For Group Therapy


What Could You Accomplish After Spending a Year Focusing On These Key Areas?


We spend the first quarter of the year working on purpose, because men need a clear, meaningful purpose in order to plan, prepare, and execute at their best.


In the second quarter we audit, then create an action plan, and finally reshape our mindset -- including emotional, physical, and spiritual development.


In the third quarter we focus on relationships using our proven process that starts with self-assessment and moves into planning and action


In the final quarter of the year we apply our process to our working life. Members see huge benefit in this of the groundwork they laid early in the year.

Membership in the ManTalks Mastermind Also Gets You... 

Access to all of this:

ManTalks Event Access

As a mastermind member, you will have free tickets to our regular live events. This is worth as much as a $400 over the course of a year, but it's free for members. 

Value: $400

Yearly Gathering of The Masterminds

Our members come together yearly for an inspiring, challenging, and fun-as-hell 2-day event in a epic natural environment. The value is $997 but is free for members.

Value: $997

Discounts on Big Events

Every year, we host at least one big event with world-renowned speakers like Gary Vaynerchuk and Lewis Howes. You'll get $100 off these tickets.

Value: $50 - $100 each 

Definite Purpose Workshop 

As a member of our mastermind, you'll get access to a one-day purpose workshop with our in-house purpose expert. This day has changed many lives.

Value: $297 

What Our Members Say

"I’m an advocate for brotherhood and that’s what I found in the Mastermind. Teaching survival as a pillar of my coaching practice, I know that going life alone is tough as hell. Having a reliable group of men to support me, and I them through our daily lives has been epic. I wouldn’t have it any other way."

-Brady Patterson, Men's Coach/ Survival Expert

"After joining the ManTalks Mastermind, I got clear on my vision and goals. Then I launched and grew a successful podcast. The support and challenge of my mastermind was integral."

-Ryan Thomas, The Intimate Lifestyle 

"Connection, support, and honest feedback of the ManTalks Mastermind, helped me to feel more connected in the community while increasing clarity on my sense of purpose in the world."

-Ben Fizell, Meditation Teacher

"I found an incredible like-minded community, made more money, got in great shape, AND launched my passion business in woodworking as a result of the authentic friendships and connections I built."

-Luke Marek, Oak and Ore Woodworking