ManTalks is a growing community of men having bold conversations and redefining what it means to be a man in this day and age.

By connecting men with high performing mentors and authentic content, we intend to create the space for the modern man to evolve and thrive. We do this by engaging in powerful, authentic and transparent dialogue designed to help them build a more authentic relationship with themselves and with other like-minded men and women. Women are more than welcome and encouraged to join us during this event.

Date: Monday, September 10th
Time: 7:00pm Event Start – 6:30pm (Doors open)
Location: Soundhouse Studios, 33 W 8th Ave, Vancouver
Tickets: $20 Early Bird & $30 Regular

The Entrepreneurial Journey

Social media shows us the bright and shiny side of entrepreneurship. We see the freedom, lifestyle, success and notoriety of running a successful business. However, rarely do we see the hard work and sacrifices that are made to get them there.

Join us to hear four inspiring men share their personal journeys into the world of entrepreneurship. And, help you answer the question: Is it the right path for you?

The talks will be followed by a Q & A session with the speakers and networking.

We are proud to have Saxx on as a sponsor of this event. All attendees will receive one pair of SAXX underwear just for attending!

The event will be hosted by ManTalks City Director, Andy Zaremba.

Meet our speakers:

  1. Dave Weale

Dave is the founder of Grounded CBD, a Vancouver based performance nutrition company.

Talk Title: Facing your dragons

Dave will be sharing his story of how he went from being a professional freeskier to running his own business in the cannabis industry and all crazy twists and turns that happened along the way. He’ll be talking about what entrepreneurship means to him, what fear means to him, and how learning to face his dragons has been one of the biggest keys to how he got to where he is today.

  1. Ben Weir

Ben is a serial entrepreneur & exponential growth enthusiast who is best known for being the CEO of BluMaan. BluMaan is one of the world’s leading men’s hair and confidence media & product companies. BluMaan is a rapidly growing business with over one million subscribers on YouTube with hair products distributed on nearly every continent.

Ben brings leading edge perspectives on product development, marketing and business development from the front lines of media and consumer goods in 2018.

Talk Title: The entrepreneurial journey:

Building a business is a wild ride! Getting to your first million in sales will require both metal strength & technical mastery. Think you’re up for the challenge?

During this talk Ben Weir will talk about what it was like building his first 7 figure business along with some of the challenges he faced. Ben will also discuss some of the skills that he used to grow his business and manage his mind while doing so.

This is a guide on how not to step in the same wasp nests as Ben, drive sales faster and maybe even contribute something useful to this world while doing so!

  1. Terry Sidhu

Terry launched his life coaching practice off of the success of his blog, The Lion’s Life, rated one of the top 30 life blogs. After starting his company, VanCity Life Coach Inc. in 2014, Terry quickly became recognized as one of the top Life and Relationship Coaches in Vancouver, Canada, and has since expanded his practice internationally. Today, Terry has set his focus on teaching meditation and independent mental health management, with his cannabis-friendly meditation practice, Infinite Life.

Talk Title: The Entrepreneurial Path – A Discovery of Health, Realization and Freedom.

Discover how founder of VanCity Life Coach Inc., Terry Sidhu, remains committed to his entrepreneurial journey, and why he feels being an entrepreneur is one of the most mindful paths to take in life.

  1. Andrew Liem

Along side his wife, Faye, Andrew runs a successful property rental company called With a love of marketing spaces through his 13-year Real Estate career and a love for hosting guests from around the world, Andrew has become Vancouver’s favourite co-host!

Andrew will be sharing about his trails and tribulations abut running a success business and dealing with personal issues along the way.

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Andy Zaremba is an Ontario transplant who moved to Vancouver, B.C. in 2008.

Andy began his career in law enforcement by immersing himself in the field, training in martial arts, volunteering in various organizations, gaining experience in crisis intervention and applying to various police services.

Midway through the hiring process with the RCMP, Andy terminated his application after receiving an invitation from his father to work in the family business, which was rapidly expanding. This was his trial-by-fire in the world of business and entrepreneurship.

In 2010, Andy became a father through a traumatic birth experience, which altered the course of his life. His daughter remained in the NICU for ten months and required full-time-at-home nursing for the next two years.

During this period, and to mentally detach from the immense stress, Andy immersed himself into the world of mindfulness meditation, yoga, and various forms of self-education.  The time in hospital and rude awakening of parenthood became an incubation period for what was to come.

He and his brother, Mike, tried floating for the first time in late 2010 and after their second experience decide to purchase their own tank, which they setup in Mike’s apartment. Shortly after, they realized the huge potential of the service they took a stab at their first business plan.

Andy immersed himself in personal development and entrepreneurship, battling the resistance that came up from friends and family while launching his first entrepreneurial venture. In May 2013, Andy and Mike opened Float House, which went on to become a landslide success. Today, there are eight locations under its banner.

Inspired by Joe Rogan, Andy and Mike launched their own podcast called Vancouver Real with the blessing London Real’s founder, Brian Rose. With over 125 episodes under their belt, and having interviewed world-class guests such as Dr. Gabor Maté, Graham Hancock, Rick Doblin, and Wim Hof to name a few.

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