Modern Masculinity

Date: Monday, October 29th
Time: 7:00pm Event Start – 6:30pm (Doors open)
Location: Health Loft, 510b Front Street West, Toronto
Tickets: $20 Early Bird – $30 General Admission

Early Bird Tickets end on Monday, October 22nd

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Event Description

The rules of the game have changed.

Modern men are looking for purpose, what defines success ass a man, and what they need to know in these changing times.

Modern masculinity has not only come under fire, but men everywhere are being asked to grow, shift, and evolve. But what does that mean? What parts of masculinity aren’t serving us anymore? How do we even define masculinity? What do we as men need to know? And what are women wanting from men in modern day times?

Join us for an in depth event and conversation about modern masculinity.

You’ll hear the stories of 3 men who have lived incredible lives and are going to share their perspective with you. You’ll also get a chance to meet some incredible people from your city and engage in a thought provoking conversation about what it means to be a man today.


Brian Bogaert

Brian is an international Financial & Wealth coach and speaker but for this upcoming talk, he’s focusing on a topic he’s been passionately curious about in his personal time – positive Masculinity in today’s society. Brian has been an active member of a non-partisan volunteer Men’s organization called MDI (Mentor, Discover, Inspire) for over 8 years. Through regular local meetings, special trainings and transformational weekend courses…the members of MDI investigate and act to become ‘The man they’ve always wanted to be’ and ‘create successful families, careers and communities.’ Brian has held multiple leadership positions in MDI, received the Man on Fire Award for his work in the Org. and his community and has directly and indirectly supported and mentored men and their families to create positive, lasting change and success in their lives.

Ian Szabo

Professional Short Bus Driver; Founder of Flipschool; Real Estate Investor

Ian is a successful real estate investor, entrepreneur and bestselling author.  He is also a former member of Canada’s Culinary Olympic Team and at the age of 23 became the Head Sous Chef of Toronto’s elite Granite Club.  Ian struggled in the traditional schooling model and grew up believing himself unintelligent.  But due to an unrelenting drive, he discovered his hidden talents and gifts like creativity, charisma, drive and relationship skills, which allowed him to achieve business success.

Today, through his newest venture, Short Bus Talks, Ian interviews other underdog success stories and gives live talks across North America to youth groups and entrepreneurs about overcoming past conditioning, discovering personal gifts, and breaking personal limits.


Kyle Brown

Kyle Brown is a global futurist who thrives at transforming complex realities into resilient futures for organizations using method-driven, strategic foresight. Kyle is currently a Senior Foresight Strategist at Idea Couture – a global strategic design and innovation firm headquartered in Toronto, Canada. He is also a regular lecturer on futures theory and methods, presenter on theme-driven futures, workshop and experience facilitator, and columnist for SCENARIO Magazine, MISC Magazine, and other acclaimed publications.

Prior to joining Idea Couture, Kyle spent several years in Asia and Europe working as a Futurist and Advisor with the Strategy and Innovation section of the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (Denmark). Over the years, he has worked on several independent research projects and foresight studies, as well as a range of industry and sector challenges with top-level decision-makers and policy-planners from municipalities across Europe and organizations such as:

In his current role, Kyle is responsible for advising global clients on the threats and opportunities in emergent futures – helping them anticipate changes and generate relevant futures insights to build more resilient strategies. Recognized as an adaptable and skillful analyst, execution is considered his forte, creatively imagining and intuitively coordinating projects from conception to completion.

Kyle has a double major BAH in Political Science, Criminal Justice and Public Policy, as well as a MSc. in Political Science from research and coursework completed at the University of Guelph (Canada), University of Copenhagen (Denmark), National University of Singapore (Singapore), and Lund University (Sweden). Throughout his education, Kyle specialized in democratic institutional design, with a specific focus on plural societies in the Middle East and North Africa.

What Can You Expect At a ManTalks Event? Watch This Video To Find Out.


David Binns, heads up ManTalks Toronto. With David’s energy for life, he offers a diverse and inspiring background.

David’s commitment to empower people plays into all aspects of his life.

He leads transformational leadership programs, is in the top 1% of real estate agents in Canada, runs a real estate investment company, and guides people to transform their health and wellness.