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Isaac Lidsky – What Reality Are You Creating for Yourself? How to Change Your Thoughts and Improve Your Life

Isaac Lidsky graduated from Harvard at 19 with an honors degree in mathematics and computer science. He then founded [x+1] with MediaMath’s Joe Zawadzki, which was later acquired for $230 million. Fascinated by the burgeoning field of “cyberlaw,” Lidsky left [x+1] and returned to Harvard to attend law school and graduated magna cum laude in 2004. As a U.S. Justice Department lawyer, Lidsky argued more than a dozen appeals in federal court on behalf of the United States and never lost a case. Along the way, he founded Hope For Vision, a nonprofit organization to fund the development of treatments for blinding diseases and within 5 years grew it to a dozen cities nationwide and more than $5 million.

Holiday Special: The Key to Following Your Bliss

The holidays are upon us and have you thought about what is working and what isn’t in your life? In this time of reflection Connor jams on The Key to Following Your Bliss in this Holiday special episode.

Mini-Episode: How To End Your Own Suffering

Do you wonder “Why does this happen to me?” What can you do to change the patterns in your life and end your suffering? Connor jams on this in this weeks mini-episode.

Dr. Stephen De Witt – Creating the Sex Life of Your Dreams. Understanding the Challenges, Obstacles, and Tools of Sex

Dr. Stephen de Wit is a Board Certified Sexologist through the American College of Sexologists. He holds a Master of Public Health in Human Sexuality and a Doctorate of Human Sexuality. Toronto’s Hassle Free Clinic is where Stephen started as a sexual health counselor and now travels both nationally and internationally speaking about sexual empowerment. As a sexuality educator, therapist and consultant he is committed that people live a sexually empowered life free from guilt, shame and fear and have relationships that work. 

Mini-Episode: How To Leverage Failure

Failure happens to us all. Some people learn, grow, and accelerate in life because of it, while others struggle, stay stuck, and beat themselves up for the failure.

But whats the difference. How do some people do it? How can we leverage failures and learn faster? Tune in to find out and share with someone who could use this episode.

Ajit Nawalkha – Improving Your Professional & Entrepreneurial Mindset

Ajit Nawalkha, a serial entrepreneur, global educator & consultant, he is the co-founder of Mindvalley Teach, Evercoach, and Global GRIT Institute. Born in Jaipur, Rajasthan living in a home with 23 other people, has always pursued the dream of Living Big. Over the past decade he has helped build training and coaching companies to inspire the coming generation, transform entrepreneurs to live on purpose, while enjoying their lives while increasing profits. He enjoys exploring the world, learning different cuisines, writing, and spending time with his wife Neeta. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California.