Our Mission

ManTalks exists to develop self-aware, high-performing, and impactful men in the world.

Our Vision

We are the environment for high performing men to get clarity and support on what they want in life and how to achieve it.

Our Story

Connor Beaton founded ManTalks in March 2014 to bring people together to have real and open conversations about men’s issues. Thirty forward-thinking men and women attended that original event, forming the original ManTalks community. Many are still active in the Vancouver ManTalks community today.

Like many young men, Connor was disconnected in his intimate relationships and had no coherent life vision.

He was deeply dissatisfied, and his inner turmoil eventually led him to his personal low, living in his car for a time. Worst of all, he went through this experience alone.

Like so many men, he wasn’t actually alone. He had lots of friends and family members ready and willing to support him, but in his own mind he had to suffer his fate alone.

Finally, while staring at the stars through the back window of his 2007 Pontiac G5, he realized that he needed to make significant change immediately.

The first step was telling a close friend, who immediately offered to let Connor live with him until he got back on his feet. The situation led them to a new level of honesty and openness, and his friend soon confided that he had recently suffered depression and contemplated suicide.

Connor was stunned. Here they were, two close friends, and neither knew what the other was going through. It was then he realized that men are suffering in silence and feeling alone.

He immediately began building his tribe of likeminded men and diving deep into a personal study of masculinity, psychology, spirituality, relationships, and business.

He developed a drive and clarity of focus that he had never known before and began envisioning what would eventually become ManTalks. His vision was to build an international peer-to-peer community for men to support and challenge one another to be their best, perform at their peak, and become more self-aware and impactful.

Soon he launched the first event. Soon they were regular Monday night feature in the Vancouver scene. And soon the men attending asked for more. This demand created the next phases of ManTalks development.

Today, ManTalks has grown into in-person Mastermind groups, a free online community, live events in multiple cities, a podcast, a blog,  and much more.

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