Building a Legacy

Horrasias Ebenezer Balabyekkubo

Building A Legacy: Fatherhood


Horrasias shares the secrets to building a life legacy and it not one you might expect. Watch one of the most charismatic speakers tell his personal story of growing up in Uganda and moving to Canada after his fathers assassination.

Graham Snowden

Running For Charity


In this inspiring talk, Graham explains how he tapped into his life’s purpose, tells the story of his 250km race through South America and how he has used his gifts to raise over $600,000 for charities across the globe.

The Only Tool Box You Need For Healthy Eating.

Colin Medhurst

The Only Tool Box You Need For Healthy Eating


Colin shares the main tools for having the best eating habits possible for any lifestyle. Check out this inspiring talk to gain strength, have more energy, heal your body and be in better shape.