The Team

Connor Beaton

Connor Beaton


Connor Beaton is the Founder of ManTalks. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Connor comes from an exciting (and eclectic) background ranging from the world of opera to technology sales and management. Connor is a leader, with a dynamic personality, unstoppable energy and charisma which has made ManTalks the success it is today. Connor is passionate and committed to developing others and giving them the tools to create top-performing teams and organizations. Connor has a strong vision for the future of ManTalks, and it is through his leadership that the team strives for success. He is a great listener, constantly curious, fascinated by human performance and always pushing himself and those around him to be their best.


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Zander Robertson


Zander is the CMO and editor-in-chief of the Mantalks blog. He’s ghostwritten more than 20 books for major publishing houses and self publishers. Zander believes that the world turns on powerful, raw, and true stories. Visit to uncover your own story, and email to pitch your article idea.


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Ansar A

Ansar Allibhoy


Ansar Allibhoy is COO and the public relations man. Ansar grew up in Dubai and has worked with companies like Apple, Coca-Cola and Starwood Hotels & Resorts. Ansar is a listener. He is keen to learn, quick to support, humble and kind to everyone he meets. He is what most refer to as ‘An Old Soul.’ Ansar believes in developing yourself to be of service to others, is strongly connected to his family and believes ManTalks exists to give men the tools they need to grow and be their best versions. Ansar’s support is one that every team needs, but few are fortunate enough to have.


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Travis Bonneteau


Travis is ManTalks’ digital marketing champion. Even though he looks like he’s in his mid 20s, Travis is actually much more experienced than that. How old is he? We’ll let you guess. Travis lives in gorgeous Vancouver, BC, but loves to travel the world living his next adventure. In his spare time, you might find him kitesurfing in the cold water just off one of Vancouver’s many beaches.


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Jesus Parlange

Jesus Parlange


Jesus is a web development master with a flare for coding. Often referred to by his friends as ‘Juno’ (because he has won a Juno). He is one of the most compassionate and least judgemental men you will ever meet and somehow always manages to see the best in others. Juno believes in clean, modern and elegant designs coupled with a passion for helping others succeed by using his personal talents for web design. Juno is a man of many talents and is on the team because also brings an endless supply of laughs and pocky.


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