The ManTalks Performance Mastermind

As a successful and driven man, few people understand what you deal with daily. Few know what successful entrepreneurship requires. Few will ever try. It can be isolating. Even when amongst close friends and family, we’re often left feeling that no one ‘gets it.’


“If you’re trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. I’ve had them; everybody has had them. But obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” — Michael Jordan


We’re faced with new challenges daily. Where do you go for solutions our biggest life and business problems? You’ve probably found that they never come from traditional sources, but instead from other people like you.

We know that men operate at their best in small, like-minded groups. Entrepreneurial isolation and burn-out are real. Too many of us are trying to go it alone. We need other men that are willing to stand by our side. We need to know we have brothers who will hear our challenges, have faced those same challenges, and will support us through our growth.


We need a band of brothers to push us, support us, and challenge us to be the best version of ourselves. These are the men who will compel you forward towards your highest calling, call you out when you’re deceiving yourself, and hold you accountable to execute on your biggest goals.


This group of men has been there, survived it, and thrived from it. The ManTalks Performance Mastermind is the rare group of men that incorporates high level support in business while steadfastly supporting you in life.


This group is personally led by ManTalks founder, Connor Beaton, and takes place in stunningly beautiful locations in and around beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.


Are you looking to live your highest calling in both business and life? Do you want to meet and connect with a group of men that are committed to their own highest vision? Maybe it’s time to get intentional about creating such a community in your life. Maybe it’s time to check out the ManTalks Performance Mastermind.

It’s a Space Where You Will:

  • Develop a deep and connected community of high performing, action taking men
  • Be held accountable
  • Get the support you need to overcome life and business challenges
  • Improve as a person, man, and professional
  • Achieve your goals
  • Develop habits and systems of success


Our mission is to redefine what it means to be a self-aware, high-performing and impactful man — the kind of man others look up to. If this sounds like you, please apply to the Performance Mastermind.



You’ll connect with other like-minded, high-performing men that are crushing it in business and life. Every member is there by invite and application only.


The traditional forms of entrepreneur business networking are exhausting, time consuming, image based, and ultimately unsatisfying. The ManTalks Performance Mastermind shortcuts all of that by helping you find and meet world class individuals — people with vision in both entrepreneurship and life.


We do the heavy-lifting for you by finding, interviewing, and introducing you to successful entrepreneurs. We create multiple avenues (online & offline) for you to access our members and their knowledge.


Every member is an action taker working to create an exceptional impact in his personal and professional life. And each member is here to support you, push you forward, inspire you, and provide you with tools and resources to help you grow your business. Each member brings unique experiences, successful endeavors, and most importantly, a desire to grow himself.

Do You Qualify?

  • Are the founder, co-founder, or executive of your business (CEO/Director)
  • Have 2+ years experience as a full-time entrepreneur
  • Generate $250,000+ in annual revenue
  • Intrinsically seek to contribute to your entrepreneurial peers
  • Have a vision and mission beyond your own personal gain


  • You’ll be honest, transparent, dependable, loyal, and authentic
  • You’ll set goals, be coachable, be held accountable, and take daily action
  • You’re open to being challenged and pushed in every area of life
  • You’ll contribute your strengths and areas of genius
  • You’ll hold your fellow members accountable and challenge them to grow
  • You’ll maintain a positive attitude and belief in the mastermind



Before you apply to be a part of the ManTalks Performance Mastermind please answer these questions:


  • Do you want to leave a lasting legacy?
  • Do you want to live a life of deep purpose?
  • Are you ready to develop life changing relationships, deep camaraderie, and true connection with a group of like-minded men?
  • Are you ready to take action and achieve your goals?
  • Are you emotionally available to listen to and support the other members of the group, keeping all conversations 100% confidential?
  • Are you willing to show up and do the work necessary internally and externally to create exponential growth in your life?
  • Do you want to strengthen or define your life’s purpose moving it into action and making a significant impact in the world?
  • Can you commit to three meetings per year in the Vancouver area?

If you answered Yes to the above questions, we want to meet you!

Please click on the orange APPLY NOW button below, fill out all the boxes and press send, to submit your application.


How It Works


  • Three in person mastermind meetings per year. Each meeting is 2.5 days
  • Personally led by ManTalks founder, Connor Beaton
  • Unique personal experiences and activities
  • Optional “bro bonding experiences” after official meetings
  • Structured accountability and support
  • Personal one-to-one calls in between live session
  • Monthly group calls between live sessions
  • Unique and inspiring locations within BC
  • Tools, books, and resources provided