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What is a ManTalks Event All About? [Hint: see below]

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What Happens at a ManTalks Event?

  • Connection (Real and In-Person) 
  • Men AND Women Come Together to Have Powerful Conversations
  • Speakers Share Their Stories, Challenges, and Victories 
  • You Master Your Health, Wealth, Mindset, and Relationship Challenges 
  • We Support AND Challenge Each Other

ManTalks' founder Connor Beaton at a recent event.

Past Event Speakers Have Included:

We're Always Hosting New Events. Here's a Sampling Of Our Past Speakers: 

Preston Smiles 

Preston is a highly in-demand international speaker and author of the bestselling book, Love Louder.  

Alex Cattoni

Alex is a writer, speaker, creative marketer, and co-founder of the hugely successful Flight Club Mastermind.

Jordan Gray

Jordan's writing on sex and relationships is read by over a million people across the world every month.

Giovanni Marsico

Giovanni is an entrepreneur, connector, and founder of the Archangel Summit.

What Are The Key Elements Of a ManTalks Event?


Your host for the night is a leader in your community, someone who believes in our core mission of building better men. He (and sometimes she) has volunteered a ton of time to organize an incredible event designed to connect and build community


Before, during, and after the event there is ample opportunity to meet, interact, connect, and have impactful conversations with speakers and other attendees. Connection is our secret sauce and is built into the experience.


We carefully select individuals who will share their story openly, including their struggles and victories. ManTalks speakers are always real and raw, and will inspire and challenge you to grow and improve.

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